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the simpsons £6token and all cash dx's


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                                                         Happy New Year to All in Fme Land!!!!

 And what a treat i've got for you all today, not one but two versions of our best loved family from America,

     Grab a Duff Beer or Six and a Box of tasty Donuts and sit on your Favourite Couch/Settee 

 Its gives me great pleasure to bring the original Simpsons Machine from the series and Imo its the best one from Maygay & Bwb on MA1/b tech

  £6 token on v1.1 roms and the All Cash £6 3.1roms thanks to Richie100 for these from the Mecca.

 Thanks goto 

 the former dx layouts i used as a template first made in 2003
@infection for the Eastender donor cab used, got a blank one if anyone needs it for future dx'ing
 @Reg for the image from a former dx which got me interested in re-dxing this
to the various members from here for help in getting the token version to stick on £6 @Tommy c, @Geddy, @serene02 and others
which made no difference until this morning when i decided to change a number in configuration from 37 to 39 and it seams to have done the job,

chris217 for youtube vidoes of this machine from which i gained the lit images of certain parts

thanks to @Tommy c for the plain reel symbols from his It's a Knockout Layout

 And of course to the great @Wizard for Mfme's past and present you're still greatly missed don't think you're ever be forgotten...

if not let us know and i'll hit my head against the wall again and again lol!!

If you want it on £3 cash simply goto edit mode and tick the checkbox37 (above the coin slot) then reset the machine, but don't blame me if it sticks on that setting!!

do it at your own risk!! lol

if you want 5p play goto configuration and turn on dip5 bank1 for 5p play (hover over the switch and its labelled)

shortcuts are as standard (Homers wages = W)

                                             20p/20p tokens = 9

   Just leaves me to say,

     Enjoy Both and Happy Gaming throughout 2022 and beyond!!!!

simpsons art.png

The Simpsons Original £6-10p All Cash Dx.zip The Simpsons Original £6-10p Token Dx.zip

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