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Nudge Double Up MK1


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Christmas greetings guys!

I am pleased to be able to bring you my latest MFME redraw - Nudge Double Up (MK1) from JPM, running SRU Tech:)


I know a lot of you guys on here are old enough to remember this one! In fact the only reason this is release was possible, is because their are some amazing members on this site, who help others with resources and information:))

For shortcuts please use the README.txt

Special thanks go to the following people:
Wizard (RIP) MFME creator.
@Launton for his collection of reel symbol scans, and providing the elusive and extremely rare ROMS. 
@Richy100 & @Paulgee for getting me glass measurements off Pauls Eachway Nudger (sorry it cracked more 🙂 ), and finding out the age of this machine.
@Line Up Chris for his Youtube video of the MK2 version of this. This helped me decypher some unreadable text on the MK1.. 

Have a Hoppery Christmas and a reely good new year:)

Download:Nudge Double Up.zip

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A great great machine, that was ground breaking.  Even though the layout (lamp wise) is very similar to EWN, JPM was very innovative.  Always pushing the nudge gamble to the max.  Which meant the nudge feature was skewed to be offered more over than it's predecessor.

The only thing that irked me at the time, was the bell / plum win...30p??..I'm being ripped off, 50p for grapes??..whats going on?

JPM did shake it up, and the number of revisions is testament to the original.


Thanks Frig et all for this wonderful christmas present.


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Wow! Looks fantastic mate.

This is one that's missing in my machine collection.

I only know of 2 in existence and they are one of each version!

The collector that has the 5p one has all very old mechanical  and EM machines with this being his only mpu machine!

We all know who has the 10p one😉

I remember printing the glasses back in the day too.

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