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BFM - Downtown £6,£8 and £10 Jackpot.


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BFM - Downtown £6 & £8 Tokens and £10 all cash jackpots
Tech: Scorpion 2

Fancy a night out, then try going downtown with this classic game.

A triple bonanza of layouts available to download.

20p Play - £6 or £8 Token jackpots or £10 All-Cash Jackpot

Keyboard shortcuts in the notes.

Thanks to:

Wizard (RIP) for MFME
The rom and image provider.

Plays in MFME V20.1 only


Down Town £6_1.jpg

machine full.jpg

Downtown £6.zip Downtown £8.zip Downtown £10.zip

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These layouts are awful awful awful awfully good, thanks for these Chloe and as per there is no blandness about your layouts just the art of the mind in which you create them.

Said it once and I'll say it again, if this is the standard of your classix I really do wonder what type of shine you would put on a DX???? Maybe one day we'll do a hook up (always wanted to betray that cunt @Bungle😉) and create some magic together, maybe a three way tag team match like WWF (always will be the World Wrestling Federation to me).

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