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Cops N Robbers Roms


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Bit of a head scratcher this one.

I've put in the £6 Token Jackpot 20p play roms I've got off here and there's a problem of the 10p 20p 50p coins are accepted as normal but don't add any credits.

£1 gives 5 credits as it should.

Other than that it all plays as it should.

The coin mech flashes once for accepted coin and they go where they should but don't add the credits.

Putting back in the £10 cash roms and it all works as it should and all coins give credits.

I've burn't the roms 3 times to make sure it weren't that... all the same result.

Has anyone else come acrossed this?



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Yes, seen similar before, I would say the ROM's are looking for the 5p accept board that was an addition that sat next to the coin mech, coins are accepted but not credited I've fixed by adding one of these boards

Had it on a Dr Who and Dels Millions




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