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Ace machine "Lucky Aces" scematics

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hello and welcome to you . i hope you enjoy your stay 


i believe if you donate to the forum and contribute with content etc or be vouched for by another member then the downloads section could be beneficial to you 


are you in holland or your machine dutch ? as i seem to recall a dutch machine being called the same ? 


good luck



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Thanks for your responce. 

Yes I am located in the Netherlands. My Lucky Aces has problems with the relay-socket terminals. Some of them are corroded and the wire is disconnected. Ons sockt has 5 lose ends and the original connection is not clear. I repaired all the socket terminals and I mixed up some wires. Now my 50 volt fuse blows.....

I am happy to participate / donate but I need to know if I can get hold of the diagrams form my Lucky Aces..... Wat is a "warlord" manual? My machine is old school relays.....


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sounds more like it's an electro mechanical machine with relays and sockets.

If you have mixed up the wiring on a relay socket the chances are it will blow the 50v fuse

Any chance you can post some pictures of your machine please.?

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Great! I Will make pictures and wil post them in the ACE corner I saw, with al the other ACE - Hobea machines. 
How can I het hold of these schematics? Can you make pictures or scans?

@BF74: you are right, the 50 volt fuse blows…….

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