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JPM - Silverpot £1.50 & £3 Jackpot


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JPM - Silverpot £1.50 & £3 Jackpot

Tech: System80

Want to get your hands on some silver? Then give this classic JPM machine a go at just 5p play.

Take your pick of either £1.50 Jackpot or £3 Jackpot or both.

Keyboard shortcuts in the notes.

Thanks to:

Wizard (RIP) for MFME

@Amotfor the Roms

@AK45for testing

The image provider

Use MFME V20.1 only

Silverpot £1.50_1.jpg


Silverpot £3.zip

Silverpot £1.50.zip

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12 hours ago, Zippy said:

So is the Silverpot meant to be with two different JPs or was the Pot of Gold meant to be the token version?

Take a look at the circled bit on the flyer, your question is answered :)



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