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New arrivals this week jpm sru

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Hello folks these are a few sru machines I picked this week,, most are already earmarked for Mecca members 😄  it just goes to shown they are still out there to be found .. D41F8C8F-AE28-4888-91F8-3716E1CA6CA6.thumb.png.a71cc7c59781dfe05867b0098f1e5265.png






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2 hours ago, Line Up Chris said:

I remember playing the 2p Lite a Light.

That 2p Lite a Lite was a great game back in the 80's, and seemed to be everywhere. Last time I played that, was on a fairground in Manchester. 

I love the purpley colour BG on that NDU Deluxe:) We had 2 of them in an arcade I worked at, but ours were blue. I don't recall ever seeing that colour before.

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On 10/10/2021 at 10:01 PM, warlord said:

I guess they have been hammered then.

No there are in pretty good  condition considering there age,, all work except the blue ctl ews ..  

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