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Wiring help relay.. Related


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I brought some relays that may or may not do the job i want in a machine 

However as you can see the spade connectors are bigger on the replacement coils do wont fit in the existing machine bed.. 


So shall i cut each spade down to the required size using a angle grinder? 


Or shall i desolder the faulty unit and transfer the internsl gubbins over from the replacement 


Or is there other suggestions please.. At tjis stage i dont want to alter the beds in the machine incase the relays are incompatible as no datasheet exists for them lol and besides the machin has quite a few relays but they are all ok.. 


Best of regards and thanks in advance richard 






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No don't try to file the connectors down, they are thinner as well as wider and at best you will push the wipers open in the socket.

What is wrong with the old relay, open winding ? Try to transfer the guts would be the best bet or find the actual replacements.

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1 minute ago, BF74 said:

Is it just the coil faulty in the old relay? 

I honestly don't know ron.. There is no measured resistance value across the coil on the defective relay.. On a known working one there is.... 



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Well well well ive managed something and it works lol

I decided against removing what looked to be a riveted coil etc. 


And just decided to move everything from the old bases and piggyback the new relay on top lol 


Thanks everyone 


Happy days 








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