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electromechanical relays help please


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i am in need of a couple of relays that operate the hold button switch on a 240 mains voltage machine

the ones currently in are : AMF KUP14a


and the ones that have the same legs in the same configuration are :  amf KU25054   ..... and are from a old ace electro machine 


my question is are the replacements 50v ? or do you think they are 240v ? 


thanks for the replies



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looking at the datasheet it looks like this will fit 'A55' means..... the first 5 means has a bracket mount case, so will need to have that broken off to fit, but that's no biggie!

the second '5' means the contacts are rated at 10 A but are the same as in your version '1' which is rated at 5A but are listed as exactly the same size in both numbers

Also the coil is 240v ac which is what you need.




best your gonna get for something still available, yes they are not cheap, but they are available and new!



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