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PCP - Fruit Connexion


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PCP Fruit Connextion - 2p play £2.40jp / 5p play £2.40jp / 10p play £4.80 jp

Tech: MPS

Can you connect your fruits together? if not then try connecting them on this machine.

It comes in 3 flavours:-

2p Play - £2.40 Jackpot

5p Play - £2.40 Jackpot

10p Play - £4.80 Jackpot.

Please Note

The 2 ‘Wild skillstop’ bonuses and also ‘Wild money’ features

do not work as intended due to a problem with the emulator.

Wizard was aware of this, but sadly did not get to fix the issue.

Keyboard shortcuts in the notes

Thanks to

Wizard (RIP) for MFME

@riche100for the flyer

The rom provider.

Play using MFME  V20.1 only

Fruit Connexion 10p 4.80_1.jpg


Fruit Connexion 5p £2.40.zip Fruit Connexion £4.80.zip Fruit Connexion 2p £2.40.zip

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Looks superb Clo06. I had the same problem with my classic of this with the wild features. Very sad it never got sorted as this is a gem of a great machine and the wild thing is a big part of it. Still a great machine to play(love this and Cash filla) . You have done a cracking job of it Clo06 it really does look decent. Thanks for the release and for also bringing the different stake versions out. I have only ever played on 2p so will be nice to get a bash of the 5p and 10p versions.

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