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Hi - new member here

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I'm a new member,


I can't seem to find mfme 5.1 anywhere - any pointers on where to find it would be good?


Also - New fruit machines are rubbish - I mean all the random ones - no feature boards, no trails, just spin and occassionally a win or a feature will spin in - so tedious, bring back the days of trails with a jackpot at the end, or boards with extra lives etc - Deal or no deal clones are also fairly boring but there are loads of them!

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Actually, I managed to find V5.1 now - so happy days.


I can't get hold of v19 or v20 anywhere though? - any pointers?


Also - I tried registering on desertisland fruits - and it is telling me that I need to make an introduction post - and I need to do this, before I am approved - ok no problem, except it won't let me make an introduction post, until I approved.


So bit of a chicken and egg, I can't be approved until I make a post, but I can't make a post until I'm approved. So I am at a loss as to what to do to get access to this forum - any help on this?


Sorry to hear about Wizard, such a shock, been using mfme for many years.

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Pm Reg who is admin at DIF and he will respond usually within 24 hrs, it is a tight ship for a number of reasons but be patient as he will get back to you.

Tag me as Zippy on there and I'll sling a rep point on for you, just have a browse through the faqs too as will give you a lot of useful info.

Peace out man.

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