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Zig zag for sale £60


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I'd certainly have a go at that, if I knew where it was, and if it is complete.

A BFM conversion, I'm guessing. Very likely to work, with a little attention.

PS. Am I supposed to send a message with that keyboard thing? Is it safe?


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Genuine Bell fruit production, Zig Zag is 15p cash 50p tokens followed by Cross Over £1 tokens.

Under all the dirt the glass is flaking in a few places but if that's all is wrong then a cheap affordable machine is a breath of fresh air.

Nobles and a few others made clones or conversions on these games.

Strange why it has not been snapped up as advertised since beginning of August.


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I'm on it.

Sounds like a decent bloke, on the phone.

He's going to ring me back.

Curiously, I already have a machine called Zig Zag, but it's a conversion of a Bradley Challenger from pre-war days.

That's for when I have my 'other' hat on!

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49 minutes ago, Player said:

Any news on this? Anyone got it?

I've just been in touch again.

For some reason, I thought it was in Blackpool, which is no problem.

Turns out it's in Totnes!

360 miles each way. Not an economic proposition.

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