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BWB - Puffing Billy


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BWB - Puffing Billy
Tech: MPU3

Choo Choo the train now approaching platform 1 is the 'Wizard MFME Express', with a fantastic fare of just 10p and a chance of a £3 Jackpot.

The exchange token for cash feature, as I understand it is as follows.

You exchange your £2 or £3 token win for £1.50 and the reels will spin and show either the grapes for £2 or oranges for 70p, this is showing the win you would get should you get the 50/50 hold.

Keyboard shortcuts in the notes.

Thanks to:

Wizard (RIP) for MFME
@Amotfor all the resources (Roms, Reels & Machine images)
@AK45  for testing

Plays in MFME V20.1 only


puffing billy.jpg

Puffing Billy.zip

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