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Heya guys typical newbie post as most will probably expect 

My dad being a huge elvis fan bought an barcrest enhanced Rio elvis machine, mpu5 board, and ofc when he got it the coin and note acceptors were completely outdated

Being near his birthday I said don't worry I'll figure it out.... That was my first mistake 

so far iv managed to swap out the coin mech for the sr5i - easy

Now I have sourced a NV9usb (which I was informed would do the trick)  programmed to parralel. The original was running through a serial to parralel converter. 

Iv managed to get the manual for the nv9 so I can tell what each of the 16 pins should be on that end, but nothing on the mpu5 end of the connection. Like does it vary from machine to machine or are the pins the same for all mpu5 boards, and if so is there any way to find a diagram for it or even a compatible loom I can buy

Anyway sorry for being a pain just didn't know where to turn, if anyone can point me in the right direction it would truly be appreciated, thanks


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