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MFMEv5 Release Thread


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Well here it is! I think it's in a stable enough state to go out.


To install please copy MFME.exe and PacDrive.dll to your MFME program folder, and the two default folders to the folder where you store all your games.

You'll need to do a database scan from the manager to create a new .db file as the format has changed.


I will create a bugs thread where you can report any issues that arise. I won't be posting any updates in the short term unless any showstoppers are reported.


As far as new layouts are concerned, I won't be posting any up, unless there are issues getting something to work, in which case I can provide a working basic starter layout.


This version won't run on XP as it doesn't support the touch screen.


If you get an error regarding XAudio2 creation, you'll need to install this package: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/confirmation.aspx?id=8109




Jeeves aka Wizard



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After years of pessimism you Chris have made a lot of people very happy, including me, today...


Thank you for the release - I'm sure the FME community with this new MFME 5 update will have many more happier years to come.


Thank you for sticking it out, despite the difficulties some of us as well as others have given you - it's appreciated very much from an FME 'oldie' :)

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