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Golden Steppa (system80) 1024Dx/ new resized Dx for mfme v20.1


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  Next up we Steppa back in time to what some would call the Golden era of fruit machines. A machine so old i was barely tall enough to reach the buttons let alone shove big fat 10p's into it, i was still being weaned on the 2p pushers when this came out.
The year was 1981 the year of the Cold winter (-28oC) and this classic Golden Steppa, requested by cashbox1 of which he's requested me do Superline/£4 next and maybe Silver Ghost if images arise!
 Thanks goto-
Superbank for the roms and hi quality images he uploaded back in 2008,
Compost Corner aka Zoltar for the classic used for lamping positions (what little there are lol)
And to Ploggy for the donated cab from top up of which i re-coloured gold'ish.
And to the contributor of the reel symbols probs one of the above.


Unfortunately there is no sounds to this layout still, the reason they're not emulatable in the current versions of mfme  
 Shortcuts are-
Start = spacebar
Auto start = A
Nudges = 1,2,3
Nudge Up = `
Coins in-
50p's = 0
New 20p's = 9
Old Big 10p's =8
Tokens = T.
   Plays in Mfme's 2.0-3.2 
   Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!!


now includes sound thanks to  Liam download the mfme5 version play it in mfme5



Golden Steppa(System80) Mfme5 1024Dx.zip


Golden Steppa(System80) Dx v2.zip

Edited by vectra666
thanks to @clo06 it now has sound effects added
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Thanks so much for this Vectra. I really love system 80 machines. Youve done a cracking job.  Superb to see a DX of this machine. Fingers crossed you have a go at some more oldies. This has made my night. Off to have a play :)

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Didn,t think it would be my thing as like i said before my time and these don't normally appeal to me but even though its a quiet one its fairly entertaining

next will be Superline the £4 version and still looking for images of silver ghost etc. 

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