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Reel Crazy(MPS1) Project

Road Runner

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Got this off Vinny about 5 years ago and shoved it in a container then forgot about it untill watching the only fools episode "The Jolly Boys Outing" :D


Now its time to bring this baby back to its former glory 


The cab is ok but the top is loose and comes off completely so work is needed there to restore it (original parts and all that) and a bit of work all over as this machine had been knocked about over time.


post-445-0-27686700-1425747130_thumb.jpg << the bottom glass is not brilliant and if anyone has one for sale cash awaits  ;)


post-445-0-70732100-1425747117_thumb.jpg post-445-0-29745800-1425747137_thumb.jpg<< lots of work to be done here


post-445-0-66093100-1425747120_thumb.jpg << the reel bands are a test set i did years ago but will be redone new and improved(backlit too)with new methods under development this year(just look for them in the reel band thread)


post-445-0-31048900-1425747127_thumb.jpg << these need sorting


post-445-0-76962200-1425747132_thumb.jpgpost-445-0-12354700-1425747135_thumb.jpg << stripdown well underway



On we go ..

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A nice fast machine to play. Shame it's not the £3 original though.


Will be good to see this get the all-star treatment! :)

I like the £3 version too and if glasses come available it will go back to that version :)

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Actually, I think the deluxe version, would be the more desirable, as they are extremely rare.  The grape win on the original, was a good 6 nudge bank, and 1.40 cash no brainer, or balls out, and gamble for the jackpot.


This version, gives you a single shot for the jackpot.  And it's notorious for losing, seen it happen far too often in the wild.  The crazy streak on the 4 quid version, seems to spread smaller wins overall.  But I'd play it in a heartbeat if I could again.



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Right 2017 is here and its time to crack on with this as ive had it since 2011  :)  :headache:  :headache:



The machine is now stripped down(and has been for some time)but its going to be a challenging project as it is in fairly poor condition.




Cab has loads of knocks and the top had been ripped of in the past then just placed back with 2 crappy brackets

Top glass is ok 9/10

Bottom glass is poor with some slight artwork damage(if anyone as a £4 bottom glass for sale let me know) 5/10

Rusty innards

Reels Knackered and back lit to boot(the ones in the previous pictures are test ones done a few years back)

T Moulding is rough at the bottom


Plus other stuff(loads) :headache:



Lets get cracking 



A slight cheat here as i did this bit last year but not got round to updating this thread


I decided to repair the cab top rather than make a new one as i like to keep as much of the original machine together as i can


post-445-0-73132700-1484167876_thumb.jpg << this needed quite a bit of work


post-445-0-30593600-1484167875_thumb.jpg << start to build up the layers of filler


post-445-0-16674200-1484167874_thumb.jpgpost-445-0-72791900-1484167874_thumb.jpg << finish sanding 


post-445-0-22761900-1484167877_thumb.jpg << Top now painted up looks ok



Lots of work to do and bits more to tidy the rest of the cab but its now ready for a clean and rebuild.







Will post the last few days work tomorrow 

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Yeah that top panel was pretty rough Alan, you have done a good job getting that looking decent.


Looks like you have a lot to do with this one, keep the repairs coming, and get this beauty up and running.

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post-445-0-97303300-1484254348_thumb.jpg << lots of rusty screws bolts and metalwork needs sorting


post-445-0-45673900-1484254348_thumb.jpg << MPU bracket 


post-445-0-95621600-1484254347_thumb.jpg << and done


post-445-0-47419400-1484254344_thumb.jpg << clean up the flow tube starter


post-445-0-90056300-1484254344_thumb.jpg << and fit along with the loom bracket


post-445-0-91660800-1484254345_thumb.jpg << clean the centre glass supports 


post-445-0-40610900-1484254346_thumb.jpg << and in


post-445-0-92159500-1484254346_thumb.jpg << start to fit the loom


post-445-0-46248500-1484254345_thumb.jpg << get the frames polished up.




post-445-0-41844500-1484254347_thumb.jpg << All the metalwork is off to the powder coaters for stripping and coating 




Next bit tomorrow  :)

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