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HI new to forum so hopefully someone can help.


i have just bought a £250 jackpot Egyptian gold club machine,and the problem is it is on 5p play,could someone please advise how to change the stake on this and the percentages.

it is a MPU5 board and it it is not fitted with a key to change,so i would imagine you change it with the dip switches?

Could someone maybe send me a manual so i could change or advise what dip switches I should change to have it to 25p and 74%?


Thanks for the help in advance

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There is usually a sticker inside the cabinet with the settings.

You can't change only the price of play - with club machines they are linked to the jackpot setting. I'll see if I can find them.


Edit - pic from inside of a Barcrest - should be the same


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sorry a really newbie to this, can you advise what settings i need to put in for 250 jackpot on 25p play? bit confused where it says hopper tube and universal? i belive mine just pays out on hooper?


thanks for your help and understanding

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According to the field manual:



2.10 Stake/jackpot key

On UK AWP machines only, the price of play (stake) and jackpot options are set by
plugging a stake/jackpot key into a 9-way D-type STAKE/JACKPOT plug on the MPU5
Program card. A range of colour coded and labelled keys, with associated part numbers, are
listed in the Machine Manual.



I've got another manual for MPU5 at work, but as I'm at home now I have no access to that until tomorrow.

I'm using separate stake/JP keys on mine which isn't a clubber, which is what yours is - so I'll shut up again, as I didn't read what I pasted first! ;)

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