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autoroute re-build .


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hi fella s as some of you are aware ive aquireed the means to be able to re build a barcrest mpu3 autoroute . it took a lot a bit of courage for me to attempt  this project as im not really electrically minded but i was persuaded by a few member s off this forum to  go for it  and the fact that ar is one of my all time favourites  and that there arnt too many knocking around ,that  this would be my chance to own one. i managed to aquire the electrical diagrams / a complete cab and a set of roms . so anyway here are some of the pics ive took as i went along . please forgive any amateur  comments i might make next the the pics as it s the first time ive done anything with mutiplexed wiring .


post-3536-0-07330300-1356526627_thumb.jpg the cab i managed to get hold of was a pcp conversion bar bell  which was a truly awful  game when compared to autoroute . its a original ar cab but it was reckoned that the ar survived for about a year before being converted !

post-3536-0-73730900-1356527000_thumb.jpg all the lower set of buttons were missing but all else externally and internally is intact.

post-3536-0-06419000-1356527235_thumb.jpgpost-3536-0-76479800-1356527253_thumb.jpg as can be seen the ar glasses i managed to pick up were without the plastic lamp masks attached so the first job was to re make them from scratch .pic s were took of another ar machine  so i could make a half decent attempt at copying them .


post-3536-0-82023100-1356527777_thumb.jpg using doublesided foam tape old masks were sourced and each cut out and stuck on .

post-3536-0-80067200-1356527933_thumb.jpg it takes time ! <_<

post-3536-0-17222800-1356528061_thumb.jpgonce a few mask s had been done ecah one was light tested

post-3536-0-58285600-1356528160_thumb.jpg bottom glass completed :)  

post-3536-0-47688400-1356528322_thumb.jpg top glass masking completed . very happy to see this done as it took a long time and a lot of snipping and shaping to get it right .

 more pics to follow of the wiring :o  when i get a chance .




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Wow thats impressive Nick, just one question are you sticking the lamp masks directly onto the original artwork or have you protected the art work  first somehow?

Have i missread this ...have you created your own art work as well?

keep those pics coming of your progress :D

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i think in one of the pic s you can see a pile of old foam that was very carefully peeled away to give a good surface. The new double sided foam tape will not harm the artwork as the the old stuff did nt either and there really is nt another way of doing it other than to get some thin balsa and cut the required hole s then putting the mask s on top but it just was nt worth the extra time to do it when we considered that there was little or no risk to the artwork . After all it s not like im intending to convert it back to bar bell !

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At least 5 classic MPU3 machines have been brought back from the dead this year starting with the just the glass.


It just shows what can be done with some effort and dedication.


I'm still glad I didn't have to do the vacs from scratch though. Nice work using the self adhesive foam.



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ok chaps thought id put some more pics of the re-wire/rebuild  of autoroute . obviously its took the most time upto now so glad its fairly near to completion.

post-3536-0-68584000-1356822902_thumb.jpg first job to do was to remove the butchered loom from the barbell  cab

post-3536-0-96036200-1356823124_thumb.jpgas can be seen the wires had been hacked and seperated by pcp during the conversion .

post-3536-0-83793400-1356823294_thumb.jpgpost-3536-0-29521300-1356823315_thumb.jpg these next two  show the mass and tangled mess my mate and me had to sort out before doing anything else . untouched original machines have all this wiring tied together neatly which is a job to be done at the end .

post-3536-0-30729200-1356823832_thumb.jpgpost-3536-0-90456500-1356823849_thumb.jpg next up was to put the ar glasses in the frames  and then start putting bulb holders into the masking  ready for the new wires and connectors .

post-3536-0-63834900-1356824012_thumb.jpg both in and starting to look like a autoroute machine !

post-3536-0-05617200-1356824148_thumb.jpgthe first of the new blue plug wire line s to be assembled , soon it will look like spaghetti  and it s starts to send you round the twist . you can easilly loose track on the digram too :headache:

post-3536-0-01905400-1356824592_thumb.jpgpost-3536-0-92184700-1356824609_thumb.jpg both top and bottom glasses  finished  on the output side now for the inputs .




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continuing on from the last post -


post-3536-0-96732000-1356825003_thumb.jpgpost-3536-0-87197900-1356825021_thumb.jpg both sets of glasses showing both inputs and output  connections all done . it was decided that colour coding the two was the best way forward for identity in case anything goes wrong !after all this had been done anyway in all fruitmachines and all other electrical systems .

post-3536-0-32820700-1356825321_thumb.jpgpost-3536-0-55097500-1356825338_thumb.jpg next up was to seperate the blue plug wire s from the rest of the old loom and to snip off all unwanted crimps and cable ties.post-3536-0-06037400-1356825517_thumb.jpg

post-3536-0-48031200-1356825573_thumb.jpgonce this had been done we were left  with the blue plug to be used to make the new  lines 

post-3536-0-54326500-1356825704_thumb.jpgmale/female connectors were used to connect the new wiring to the blue plug as shown in the next few picture s and also each line was labled with id plastic ring number tabs again shown .


post-3536-0-48226600-1356826433_thumb.jpg all done and connected ,the blue lighting plug is now complete once more .


will put a vid up here of the machine in attract mode in the next day or two .




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not sure mate . all the ones ive used are off scrapped machines . there must be a modern equivalent available it s just finding them .you could put a plea on this forum but i have nt that many to spare at the moment . if you need the hold and feature button  holders ive got a few of those if want some .

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Are these black lamp holders with the spade terminals still available anywhere? i could do with a few!!




Any in this photo? The L0070?



Coinection Sales


Unit 13 Monksbridge Trading Estate
Outgang Lane
S25 3QZ
Tel: 01909 569922           Fax: 01909 569944
email: coinection-sales@btconnect.com
Stanmarsh likes this, they are pretty good.  I'm yet to order from them but they do one-offs. 


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Great job you are doing there, and a worthwhile machine to restore worth a tidy sum should you ever sell it

definatley not intending to sell for a long time ! it s the pride and joy of the collection :) .bout time you had a few 3 reelers in your collection phil ;)

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