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  1. That's a polite way of putting things. Just a couple of grumpy people but I will try to not be so chicken hearted in future. I am not experienced at all but I will try to post and help in anyway I can.
  2. The comment was for ghost of Andrew 96 he since removed the comment.
  3. Lol thanks. Are the game cards easy to replace ?
  4. I would like to stay on the page but idiots like you giving me a hard time when I thanked people for there help. For your information I am arranging a donation but folk like you make me want to change my mind. Keep your negative comments to yourself in future. Thanks again to everyone who offered support and help and all the private messages too telling me to ignore the negative people it's very hard as you can see
  5. I've got it going. I took the hopper to bits took every screw out and put it back together she's alive and working very well. Thanks to everyone who helped me get this going I am so happy.
  6. I got it fixed. I took the hopper to bits took every screw out and put it back together and it's working perfect unbelievable thanks everyone for all your help I'm one happy girl xxxx
  7. It was just the yellow wheel on the hopper and the wire shall I take the tray out and unscrew it to wipe the sensors ? Do you have a picture of what these look like ?
  8. What do you mean by this please I'm notnexperianced with machines
  9. Do you mean I might have wired up the hopper wrong ?
  10. Yeah that what I was doing I've missed it so much lol I'm going to visit some arcades and see if I can get an engineer out to properly fix it. It's my baby
  11. The hopper is new and was working in another machine so must be the board thanks so much for your help x
  12. It allowed me to put into demo mode which it didn't let me do before. I've pluged it back in and still pay unit err 17
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