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  1. FANTASTIC line up you got there phil Very nice indeed Been many a year from the last time I seen A lite a light. Great find phil 👍👍
  2. Joe1

    SRU glasses

    They look good stef As we all know they can not do the silver like they did back in the day something to do with the chemical which can not be used no more. Well done Ian 👏 He as done well with these glasses And a few other parts from the sys80.
  3. So you have been told Can be very busy with some pure classics comeing up for sale 😉
  4. ronnie them bumps were air pockets when there rolled the fibre glass they didn't roll it properly you see that alot when you sand it back the heat from sanding bring them to the top which leaves cavities same happy if when mopping the heat bring them cavities to the top pain in the bum just a case these guys who rolled it didn't do the job properly! ronnie ive worked with gel coat and fibre glass for many years its from going through the grades of sanding then wet sanding then a good mopping but making sure you don't get it too hot. hope when you get yours reworked it comes out nice you deserve it from all the work you have done. as you can see from mine the gel coat as been mixed with white so there are not just black.
  5. ronnie have you tried lightly sanding the bezel I say lightly as it's gel coat not paint and the gel coat is very thin and to much sanding and you will be back to the fibre glass and that is not good... then mop polish with some g6 compound. I've done mine and it came up very good like new to be honest.
  6. Very nice ron 👍👍👍
  7. It's only money you only live once I've found all hobbies cost It's about what you get out of it.
  8. Repairing boards is one thing but keeping the missus happy is something else!!!! Well Bob you know what they say a happy a wife a happy life .... Well we do try 🤣
  9. This one just popped up On market place
  10. Just seen this on market place If anyone might be interested
  11. Welcome to the site Hopefully after a while on here you can get this classic up and running
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