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  1. Wonder what it sold for.not the best looking machine.i would have thought 250 tops.it will need work.
  2. Best bet is message him on Facebook.thats what I did.the guy is a genius.helped with my m1a board.
  3. I have this on the Bay with a starting bid of 2500,worth it I think.anyone here want to make an offer.
  4. They look great.ive seen a couple of counter top models but they had no payout mech,it was just fun.they certainly packed a lot in.
  5. Finally got the record carousel turning well by cleaning all components and lubricating motors and checking spring tensions.as you can see its cleaned up very well and the amps in these are awesome.coin mech now works as someone had disconnected the relay.
  6. That's because you have already owned them all and don't need them again.🤣
  7. I see it's not centre tapped then,diagram looks like primary and secondary which I thought came much later.
  8. Been working on this a few days and finally narrowed the issue to the rear section of select unit.once stripped and repaired it fired into life and sounds great.now cleaning and added colour gels to lamp over speaker grille.its original Inc coin bag,has coin mech and even original volume key.
  9. I bid upto 325 as I really liked it,but to me that's what I would pay.kind of wished I had gone 350 but still may not have got it.It might appear in a few days for 2000.
  10. warlord


    Even the artwork on front is ps.but then they normally had a base with about 4 inch platform on front to sliding door.the white mdf shelving looks home made.so maybe 8ts salvaged bits put in a home made cab.
  11. warlord


    if it has small indents around the button lenses these are used to unscrew the lens to gain access to the lamp.then its deffo peter simper.
  12. Thanks Bob.i disconnected them but still the machine blows the 24volt fuse when turned on.so I guess I will need to see where that feeds and eliminate things one by one.
  13. warlord


    Looks very Peter simper.ron knows his stuff.
  14. I would not bother.everything is well overpriced from greedy basterds on ebay.also lots of shift about at high prices.i don't even look anymore,it's a joke.the bubble will burst one day.
  15. Hi all.these solenoids are 24 volt ac.but I'm not sure what the ohm rating is.do they look knackered to you.
  16. I've tried all my life to get nice job in the industry.a place 5 mins from me called hi field leisure I had lots of stuff from there but it seemed to me rather than having knowledge they prefere pratts with jangling keys wandering round and can't even unblock a coin mech.so I thought fuck it,I will just do my own.
  17. Nice,looks a good game.the glass always reminds me of player 🤣
  18. Now I've sorted out the misisses car which has took a while I hope to start on this,I have already fitted new cable and plug.as it was a fire waiting to happen.next is damage on record basket pcb.pics to come.
  19. I guess they have been hammered then.
  20. Look great and good nik,where do you find them.
  21. Thanks mate,but I've ordered one from over seas a month ago and can't contact them and never got it.so don't trust them now.my battery refurb did work but not great.may aswell just scrap it and buy another.
  22. I've found a video on fixing my old battery so I'm going to try that.
  23. Thanks Bob,so really need same,I ordered one but never came,struggling to find one.
  24. Hi all,I have a great torch but the battery is fooked.the torch can be charged by USB or winding handle on the side.can I replace the pictured battery with 4 x aa chargeable ones.
  25. Agree with cannon man,a good main board I guess about £250.fixing them is not easy.machine even in good nik about 75 to 100 quid.
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