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  1. How do you even find out these tricks.and look forward to your vid nick.
  2. Guns kill humans batteries kill machines.keep it good dude.
  3. Good idea,put fly leads in then it makes life easy to change or remove battery.
  4. Not seen it.wonder if he still has it.
  5. Yes it is Bob.he bought 2 of the conveyors I made 12 years ago.he mounted one in the bar area but it's been altered since .
  6. It's great,I've been 3 times now.which part you going too.we stopped at Newport near the needles,but it's only 26 miles across so 30 mins gets you anywhere.there are no motorway or really good roads,it's nearly all country lanes and narrow roads. Lots to see and the sea is clear.
  7. Cheers,and they are all in good nik.
  8. Just come back from isle of wight so thought I would share this lovely old arcade.
  9. warlord

    Ten Up

    I'm sure that will be mint Ron.looks like you are really going to town on it.
  10. I just want something more enjoyable to play.but at least it's saved.mainly got it for something to do.
  11. i like spam.bet john has some boards that fit this.
  12. Would be nice if you helped with it or even made comment on its progress from pile of crap to fully working.😡
  13. Yes John,I saved it from scrap,spent a lot on it but I like skill and a chance,and like the crystal maze this gives neither.so I'm selling as I'm buying a hew machine from USA,something you not see here much.the work is done,so suits anyone.
  14. Dip switches not used on this.ojly goes to 50% payout.
  15. Yep,sometimes it works with a feather touch and then it won't,but normally it's the correct answer that it ignores.same as the crystal maze,that slows down the tracker ball response on some games.
  16. It's OK in test,I'm sure it's the software cheating.
  17. Here is a quick vid VID_20220702_221118.mp4
  18. warlord

    Ten Up

    Looks a bargain and should clean up a treat ,bet it works too although reels may be stiff.
  19. Any chance of a vid nick or did I miss it.
  20. Nice one mate,your normal high standard I see.looks great.
  21. Took the payout unit out to clean.all original covers are back on and even the psu has its seal undamaged.
  22. Sending my coin mech to Ron for upgrade,he is the best,then I will add a video.
  23. Thanks mate,it was worth it.
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