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  1. Great stuff Chris, thanks for the shout out 😉 Really great seen stuff like this and the results...well it don't surprise me about super line up TBH used to be my dad's best machine, back in the day. Remember him taken me in an arcade (as a young boy)to show me this machine as in his words "its talks to you" meaning the nudges.. i can do better thing. Great, good old days. Reel crazy again a great iconic machine found in many a chip shop.... like Superbank! Now which one would of won out of those two? And again i wonder if you had Razzle Dazzle would that of made it into the top 5? Anyways great video's as always Stay safe Chris and thank you.
  2. Very nice yet again excellent work.
  3. Evening Chris, hope all is well at the pool. After give this some thought...which as been hard as what you have are all gems and placing then in top 5 order as become a task in itself as they all could be in the top 5 for there own reasons. So here are my 5 1. Chances Unlimited 2. Reel Crazy 3. Poundaround 4. Golden Shot 5. Nickelodeon Stay safe out there 😷 Dave
  4. Thanks for the update video Steve, nice to see it up and running and at a good home
  5. That will inc me as well then.......haven't got a clue🤔🤣 Answers on a post card to TISWAS Birmingham B1 2JP
  6. Thanks Vec's classic release, happy days in shipleys in stoke!!!! How rude of me, A BIG THANK YOU to Dazza for the pictures and making this possible!
  7. Thanks again for this excellent release, great childhood memories in the cafe back in the day. Just wish rio gambler would turn up.
  8. Yes that crazy joker reminds me of Razzle Dazzle. Wounder why they didn't make these for the English market
  9. Thanks to all involved bring this old Maygay to the table. Excellent stuff.
  10. I will look forward to the invite sometime Chris.....😉
  11. Jesus that's a blast from the past.
  12. Excellent stuff! Closed my eyes for a moment and pictured myself in 80s arcade with them sounds going on. Thanks for upload.
  13. i noticed this on super line up but also number combinations on the board!!!! Where as me counting with me finger around the board taking ages FFS🤔
  14. Cheers for the video and such a great collection some of the best machines from back in the day, your so lucky and yes that iconic sound just great. Razzle dazzle was another great one from this era. Keep posting the vid's mate they are a nice watch for the memories.
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