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  1. hi guys,i am in need of the roms from a maygay m1a italian job with tubes,rear opener.5 pound jp 25p play if possible although any thing would be good at mo.
  2. just to add,the machine was not working when bought so we dont no the correct rom set,it has set 1 but none of them work
  3. thanks for your replys guys.as for the loom,its all good,every other game works in it. as for the difference in cabs,you may well have a good point there,it has to be something like that.its out of a rear opening one with tubes.i dont suppose any one has a rom burn i could test do they.im hoping you have hit the nail on the head there.
  4. hi people of the mecca.so i have a really weird fault.i repair m1a/b boards and iv come across a fault that is stumping me.when i turn the machine on.it comes up with reel 1 error.buuuuut only with the main italian job eprom.iv tried different main boards,game boards eproms,reels.everything.tried burning all sets of eproms.still same fault.if i burn a diiferent game to the same eprom it works.put an italian job program on it of any type and it gets reel 1 error again.WHHHAAAT. can any one else shed any light on this. thanking you
  5. Anduino83

    freezy money

    hi all,i have a friend with a freezy money fruity but there is no game stored in the system.does any one no how or where to get the usb stick with the game info on.any help would be very much appreciated.thnk you in advance
  6. hi people,iv donated but cant download any thing,any ideas
  7. hi mate.im afraid its the queen vic one.
  8. not sure if this is in the correct place but i have an eastenders maygay m1 that i want to sell if any one is interested .
  9. hey homer.what kind of mayday stuff are you after
  10. i have a pink panther that has attract mode to.
  11. hi guys.i don't suppose any one would happen to have a monopoly e.s.p with rom chip would they.and may be a 5p/£10 chip.
  12. Anduino83


    my collection
  13. hey guys,check out my gallery.

  14. Anduino83

    the arcade

    my collection so far.
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