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  1. Yes for sure, myself included. PCP was a bit different in that once The Peter Simper Organisation was broken up PCP was sold to Electrocoin who nominally still own it today as a trademark and accounts byline (that's a story in itself). The breakup/sale happened (as I understand it - also a story in itself) because Simper reached retirement having cruised the main company into the '80s having not made a serious plan to go from electro to MPU, so at that point 'sideline offshoot' PCP which had always worked with converting MPU era machines suddenly looked the most dynamic part of the company. But there are some similarities. Having escaped the draconian but roomy 'old mill' premises (now luxury flats natch) it was sadly only a short time for PCP in the purpose built, riverside industrial estate setting (Brassmill) before money worries moved them back into another, cheaper, far less salubrious 'old mill', this time set atop a culverted stream rather than the river! Damp? All year round. And from that point onwards the only way was down. I was recruited as a 'junior electronics design tech' and a UK clubber was planned, the first ever PCP front opener, the first UK machine in ten years. It never happened.
  2. Yep you can't blame them for that and so often they are given promises regards the company and workforce that aren't kept or aren't enforceable, especially if the company gets sold on again in a short time. I found out years after I Ieft that the MD of PCP had a huge stroke I believe just weeks after the doors shut for the last time and spent the rest of his life in a care home. Carpe diem....
  3. What a fascinating thread. Must have been exciting to work somewhere on the up, unfortunately (though it was fun a lot of the time) my experience of the industry was the dying days, the fag end of PCP in the late nineties. We also used an estate car incredibly dangerously to transport single machines though, a Volvo which was the bosses ex motor.
  4. Top thread, and I would *never* have suspected a mains filter of being faulty like that, on the basis I would have throught they were too well made to go so spectacularly wrong!
  5. Well it arrived today, and now it seems a shame to break it up, as despite being listed as non-booting with duff PC, it seems to work perfectly. I wonder if it was a loose wire (LOL) as I took everything out to make it lighter including the quite heavy rugged PC, and now it's back together it works fine with real money play and everything. That said I've no interest in the sorts of games on there. It's obviously been in use fairly recently, the note unit is updated for current notes (but not new £20). Despite being a more modern PC than some, I still don't think it will cope too well with MFME, so probably needs replacing anyway.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/372851890309 I don't have the room for it I barely have the money Nor the time to do it (though that one should sort itself out next year, a bit anyway...) But I thought it was a really good price. Seller accepted £350 (plus £60 delivery) Hopefully should make a nice MFME cab.... Merry Xmas & Happy New Year all!
  7. All sounds a bit unfortunate, assuming this is the same one as was on Facebook that had to be collected with another broken MPU5, I was half tempted as it was unusually so close to us. Mainly because I had this feeling it would end up being binned, I didn't realise there would be 2 people from here alone fighting over it!
  8. Bit of a tough one, a pretty good era all round I'd argue, and according to that press release I posted a week or so again the Barcrest factory certainly claims that they were never so busy before or since. The apparent continued relaxation of petty rules regarding how machines paid and played (albeit slow) and zero competition from the likes of online gambling or walk-in casinos all helped I'm sure. I guess this was the first year or so of machines being able to have comprensive and near-CD quality samples rather than just a robotic 'play me'? And probably the first era where licencing really took off and machines were based on pop culture e.g. Crystal Maze, BB, OFAH and the rest. As I've said before in retrospect can you even imagine that now, family programming brands being attatched to gambling? Although you could argue that DOND is/was a teatime family programme, so that just proves me dead wrong. Although they probably need every penny they can get their hands on to pay Edmonds fee...)
  9. Bass were massive, brewers, pubs, worldwide hotels, all fashionably split up and passed around these days, I knew they looked after their own machines with their own in-house operator, but forgot they owned Barcrest 100%. Never forgot the year I went to a boat show up north (Burton) and to get from the train station to the showground you had to walk past acres, and acres, literally, of recently demolished Bass properties. All that was left was a lonely social club, I assume listed due to the triangular windows...
  10. Just done a bit of digging, Barcrest founded 1968, but by 1985, and I'd forgotten this era, was a whole owned subsiduary of Bass Leisure...
  11. Yep nice one, 20 euros sounds like my kind of price, very interesting machine.
  12. Isn't there a reason Barcrest were so early into electronics, I can't rack my brains what it is and google not much help, wasn't it something like one of the founders got laughed out of a vending firm for suggesting using microelectronics, or something like that. According to this recent (PR puff piece, but presumably accurate) their first product was an arcade game, in the 70's I tacked on that bit about 40,000 because it does make you realise that any machine is a relatively rare item compared to most mass produced consumer goods - I wonder how many different models that is. p.s I know I've posted this before about the design of the then-new Genesis cab, but I think we should save it before the company behind it decides its too old to host any more... http://www.lucidinnovation.com/PDF/lucid-innovation-case-study-barcrest-user-interaction-design-050313.pdf
  13. Yep great work - although you're probably making more work for yourself in the long run by being able to fix more
  14. You're a maverick, you're out of control!! ...but you get RESULTS!
  15. I am assuming these PSUs will be very basic capacitor and diode types, nothing fancy... Expect it could well be the capacitors and/or bridge rectifiers (diodes) I've had to change both on the same MPU4 PSU in the past, and even on an non-switch mode MPU5. So at least it should be an easy and quick fix Chris, even if someone else has to do it.
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