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  1. Not two on one screen, this is not running in Windowed mode for various reasons (before it was causing some complete corruption)... but I could have a setting the allows you to select what monitor number you want Arcade Sim to run on. So then a user with two monitors, could have one running full screen on each monitor... or just a single one running on their second monitor etc. It is already added to the 'magic list', which is a Trello project management web app
  2. That is toggling with Alt+Tab... I think currently I do force it to be on the primary monitor, due to some custom stuff I do to keep the emulator hidden behind out of view. So I guess you are looking to have a PC with two monitors, and a separate Arcade Sim on each monitor? It won't do that yet, I'll put it in the backlog, but it's a low priority task, so not sure when I'll get to it.
  3. Hiya mate Good question! I had no idea so I tried it - it does seems to work fine (running multiple Arcade Simulators simultaneously), so if you wat to do that you should be all set...
  4. Chris's fruit machine emulation boots are almost infinitely large to fill to be honest, he dedicated literally decades to FME, and was an lovely bloke to boot (from our private chats back during the mfme2mame times). It's a vibrant scene for the small numbers involved in comparison to other less niche scenes, but we have some dedicated hard workers in all disciplines, so I'm just hoping we can do him proud mate!
  5. Ah nice one mate No rush for now, as it's a long way off since it'll be quite a time before I get this project to that state I'll just patch requests as they come in for now, if I can with whatever it can currently patch - and then keep chipping away an hour here and there, at the future stuff like batch processing all the Roms that exist for each machine
  6. I can patch it so it doesn't need Chr chip to run... but ...then we do need the BWB lamp column of the Chr working out again for BWB if someone wanted to use it in a real machine - as there's no BWB Viva Las Vegas MFME layout to copy it from, only the 8x Barcrest lamp values which are wrong for the BWB rom. As you know with making your many layouts over the years ... they can be trial-and-errored to get the right values - it's a bit of a time-consuming jobby though! So the real machine with this BWB ROM would look like this at present: No Chr chip required for booting... but the correct BWB values need finding out to go in the custom lamp routine that 'emulates' the effect of the Chr chip on the CPU register. Here's the patched ROM with wrong lamp table set up if anyone is interested for research purposes - it's of no real use though! vv_10_k_.3_3_Viva Las Vegas BWB 10p £6 jackpot from JJ_PATCHED.zip
  7. I did do the Cash Counter one and post a vid a bit back - here's the patched ROM It's £4 jackpot as that's what the layouts have in MFME c318d - CPR patched Chr Free £4 jackpot.zip
  8. Ta very much mate I'll try patch those tonight, and update here and post them if they patch ok - hopefully should
  9. All good to know info, thanks mate When you say 'in the archive'.. is this like an official centralised FME rom archive that can be browsed/downloaded from somewhere? I guess ultimately I could end up batch-patching all MPU3/4 ROMs in that archive, doing some sort of automated verification with an emulator, then adding them to the archive...
  10. That ROM is from this layout which is 20p/£4.80 looking at the decals, so should work fine
  11. @orchid Hey man So I've had another request: I have a Las Vegas 6 machine that's currently on 5p/ £4 and the glass is for 10p/£6 and obviously I'd rather not cut the glass! The only ROMs I have are the ones for the MFME layouts - they are all 20p/£6 (It patches Chr-free fine though). Is that any good to him, can he change to 10p via dip switches? Or would we need a dedicated '10p rom' in cases like this? Cheers for any help mate, I know you're a rom/real machine master, I'm just using the ones that come with the MFME layouts! No idea if the stake is hardcoded in or if DIPs can change stuff like that
  12. If you want to try it, here's a Chr free patched version - it's v2.3 from the latest MFME layout. So you could remove your old ROM and try this one (as it should work without Chr), if you have the means to burn it to a spare chip... Blue Moon v2.3 ROM Chr Free.zip
  13. Not sure of the pattern - but I've not seen a rom bigger than 64k work yet I don't think, and I tested a few... plus their sigs looked odd... suspect I'll need to do more R&D to get the bigger ones working, dunno when I'll get round to it though. If anyone could find some hacked 128k roms from the archives (hacked stakes or whatever), then we could analyse them and see how it was done (unless it was never done) Or if anyone can deal with debugging the 6809, with time more hacks could be developed... it's all time-consuming though innit, I'll probably just keep fettling the 64k stuff when I get a spare hour here and there for now Another option is to automate MFME or MAME, to load/run the roms - so if you have say 300 possible branch instructions that you might want to try messing with, you automate trying each one in turn, then skipping onto next if you get Bad Chr message on the vfd, or if you detect beeping on the audio etc... Plus tat could be done threaded, so you could have 4 concurrent instances - as a slow but not terrible way to attempt some brute force tactics. Another way would be using MAME and logging the PC for the 6809 to text file with good/hacked rom - see where the divergence(s) are etc... Anyone wants to get involved, please do! I've not the time to invest unfortunately - though I'd imagine the ones that don't work yet can be understood I'm just throwing out ideas other coders could try if the manual debugging ends up being crazy... Another idea could even be: Use cheat engine or whatever to slow MFME down, run and screen capture video of boot process with debugger showing... maybe takes 8-24 hours or something, but then you have a video of it with every instruction being run. Then do the same for the patched rom that breaks. With the vidoe editing software, get both streams synced to the start frame - then just scan through and find the divergence visually. Bit bodgy, but I guess it save having to get a compiled Mame up and running. It is super bodgy though lol
  14. Your old favourite working Chr free for another quick test Nice layout
  15. Tested a few more BWBs - definitely works on quite a few BWB Andy Capp FAIL BWB Super Hyper Viper OK BWB Viva Espana OK BWB Viz OK BWB Voodoo Express 256k (tried it - Characterise error) BWB Winner Takes All OK BWB Big 40 Poker (MPU4 VIDEO) OK
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