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  1. Durp

    Pictures from online

    These are collection of pictures of machine pictures i find from over the internet might be something somebody remembers.
  2. Carnaby games Dracula at the Olympics easily one of most popular games in arcades and casinos all over Ireland north and south.
  3. Think this might might have been from Facebook marketplace in Germany Im not sure
  4. lower your 4s this machine got me into playing machines . Actually got me in alot of trouble but I love it trick is knowing when to walk away early after a pinch . 🤠
  5. After very long time finally got sent a photo of this old game. Misspent youth.
  6. Durp

    Help audio mpu4

    I have been told it might be pic chip does anybody know what i need to do for the sound to be the right speed ? Pic chip might it be the roms im quite clueless when it comes to the gamecards. Any advice help is appreciated.
  7. Durp

    Help audio mpu4

    I think the audio is a little fast on the feature board. Advice please 20201027_144418_001.mp4
  8. Durp

    W Nudge

    Thank you for sharing ,
  9. Quick clip of it on max pie YouTube Chanel .
  10. Think project coin has been bought by blueprint within the last 18 months Or so I believe. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Durp


    Think it was when I used my email address to sign in . All sorted now
  12. Durp

    W Nudge

    This machine is doing my wagon in . Cab is badly damaged at the bottom. thinking of scrapping it . I did manage to get power to the mpu4 , before the red light didn’t come on but did on Sunday When I tried it . with an other different psu. The alpha made a wee flash wee bit of stinky stinky smoke I got a whiff of it and boy did I instantly regret it , the machine doesn’t boot . My good chum Crest lives a quick drive away and he had the game card in a tuppeny nudger and Says the game card booted in that machine but wouldn’t accept credit , then think he mentioned something about percentage board . I’ll get some pics up today or tomorrow when I finsh my night shift . and see what some folks on the forum think before I send it to machine heaven . I’d love to hear the sounds etc and game play of this odd wee machine before or if do scrap it for parts . 🤦
  13. Nice I’ve watched the videos Steve shared the hi lo on it appeals to me like that .
  14. i think its a poker board maybe kimble or noraut or similar
  15. Durp

    IMG 1871

    i try not too .
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