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  1. I spotted these machines on the back of a 'Highway Maintenance' truck on the A1 in N Yorks a couple of weeks ago. I don't recognise them - a bit modern for me 😁
  2. Just rediscovered this thread and I think I've remembered what the conversion was called - Trailblazer. It was Bell Fruit's own conversion, when all the machines were changed from £1 to £2 jackpot.
  3. Just came across this photo on Twitter. The machine seems to be called Criss Cross. Anyone know who made it?
  4. Is this something special? Current bid is £2050 with 4 days to go. Barcrest Silver Circles fruit machine | eBay
  5. Looks like the auction was pulled:- “This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available” I’m guessing a deal was done.
  6. …or maybe not 😂
  7. I think Fore and Aft did have a lighthouse on the glass, but just standard symbols on the reels IIRC.
  8. Reading @quattrohead's post has reminded me that in 1991 I answered an ad in the local paper for a job with Princess Cruises, as they were looking for engineers for their on-board casinos. However, I decided it wasn't the job for me. I think it was the 'pleasant, outgoing personality' and 'not allowed to dance with passengers' that put me off 🤣
  9. I worked for Bell Fruit in Birmingham, from 1980-82, as a workshop engineer. They were still operating electros in those days, as well as the early MPU machines. They were also buying machines from JPM, Barcrest and others, as well as videos - Space Invaders, Sting, Galaxian, etc. I loved it, but I ended up leaving after they relocated to Bilston, near Wolverhampton, and my 14 mile round trip commute became 60 miles. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to keep doing it on what they paid me. The service engineers were on more than double what I was getting, plus a car. I did ask about transferring, but I was only 19 and I think they thought I was too young. Anyway, after doing a TOPS course in computer engineering, there didn't seem to be many openings in that field, so I applied for two service engineers jobs with different amusement companies and was offered both of them. I joined MAM Inn Play in 1983 but then got a job with a computer company at the beginning of '85, bringing my career in amusements to an end.
  10. Did JPM operate machines, or were these customers' technicians?
  11. I worked for MAM in Birmingham from '83-'84. Whereabouts were you?
  12. daveo138

    Ten Up

    Already £170, with a back-up bid. Doesn't finish until tomorrow.
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