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  1. "smells burnt" ??? Are you one of those sniffers lol Just joking with you. What bin file were you using...
  2. I use a Brother Ptouch label printer with a black tape cartridge in, print the correct value text then stick it over the original and pop the insert back in. They're a very good match too.
  3. No joy, i think those were all mpu5 genesis cab files but thankyou anyway.
  4. Thankyou for that, i'll take a look and see. Appreciated
  5. I just illuminated County Durham to space with a machine doing this. Was frantically feeling around blind for the darn power cable 🤣
  6. I tried to add pictures, if i've done that wrong and it's taking up server space etc i'll delete them with apologies. I've always been terrible at using forums!
  7. Hi guys, picked up a faulty Barcrest mpu5 Horizon "Gold Strike" for a housebound friend, the gamecard was faulty (compact flash card type with green 2.4v battery) Repaired the track fault (well, i thought i had) but it's just playing dead. Can anyone help with a bin file? Orange card sticker says GLS0.2, chip says RTC GLST. and if anyone has a replacement mpu5 card available i'll happily cross your palm with silver lol. Would really like to resurrect this machine for him. Appreciate any help. Much love, Drewbert. EDIT: There's an older mpu5 "Gold Strike" in a genesis cab that may cause confusion. This is the Horizon mpu5 version.
  8. No. What would you oil? It woukd just make a mess and dust would eventually build up in it. The plastic drive cog is greased, and requires zero maintenance (it never runs for long durations either) You could clean the main coin area and wheel with Mr Sheen or similar furniture polish, eon't hurt. The wheels are very firm to turn anyway...
  9. Thanks Marcus. I had this in a pdf but long lost it, and strangely it had vanished from the internet when i needed to refer to it! I wonder how long before i lose it again ha
  10. Check the little backup battery too. If a machines not been used in a long time and the battery degrades and someone fires it up to sell it, machine works and all is assumed well. It gets turned off and transported, then powered on and used for much longer than its been used in months and suddenly the battery just screams for mercy. In and out of cold temperatures into warm and cold again, it all increases the leakage. I'd start there.
  11. i know you'll need a few ztx450's and ztx550's if you're gonna work on these often lol! To be honest, i hate these boards. I've wasted hours on some of them. Some you can repair in minutes, others will destroy your soul!
  12. These buttons often fail. Inside the microswitch casing itself the contacts blacken and although you can still feel/hear the click, the switches fail to actually make electrical contact. Two options: Easy: replace switch for another Hard: remove the switch from the plastic mounting piece, and disect it. The side of the microswitch casing can be prised off however, there is a tiny b*****d spring in there that's a little fiddly. Most of the time it stays put though. You need to identify the actual copper contact pads, and clean them up. Fine sandpaper works, or even scratch cleaning with a thin screwdriver. Do whatever is necessary to turn the blackened tarnish back to shiny metal and reassemble. Fiddly but it can be done if you sit yourself down at a table with it and don't have cats. Because they like to knock things off tables. Because they're little ****s.
  13. This whole "mpu6 will lose the software if the battery goes flat/removed" is a myth. Just pop the old CR2032 coin cell out, pop a new one in, ignore the RTC error (Real Time Clock) set the time and done. Any issues do a ram test from the test menu or remove and refit battery again. You'll not lose the software unless you're careless and press erase from the menu.
  14. I saw a video of the mpu6 loading the bin file on, it erases, begins copying file, completes copying file, then erases again. I'm almost certain that the bin file being copied is for the mpu5 horizon cab version with the programmable flash card, and not the later mpu6 horizon cab software hence why it's erasing image at the end, and saying no OS on next boot. You need the mpu6 version.
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