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  1. Hi, I asked long time ago if someone maybe knows one of these two JPM slotmachines. Theye were build in the year 1992 but had never seen any other of this kind until now. They work with a system5 mainboard. Would be interesting to get some info about them how many there are from these ones and as well what would be the value of them - although I would not sell them, as I restored them completely (with banknote-acceptor, coin-acceptor, hopper, new mainboard etc) and they were presents for my parents. Thanks a lot, Marco
  2. To find a working system 5 mainboard is very difficult. I had as well a problem with such a mainboard and got a "new" one ( I mean a working one) - but to buy such one is not quiet cheap. You have to need much luck to find one under 200 euro I think, which is really in working condition.
  3. I have two machines from JPM (Jackpot 7 ; and Jokers Wild)
  4. Hello everyone, does maybe someone know something about this slotmachine? Heard that it was maybe a prototye machine. Is from the company JPM and is from the year 1992 and runs with a System5 mainboard. What I heard so far was, that it might be a project machine from 1988 but not sure if this is correct. Would be great if someone maybe knows if there is really one slotmachine from this type or not etc. And I would like to know maybe what the value of this slotmachine would be, although I would never sell it, as it was a birthday present. Thanks, Marco
  5. Hi, would like to ask, if someone knows this machine from JPM, which is called "Jackpot7". It is from 1992 but I did not get any information on it and I have never seen it elsewhere, so are there more of this type or not, or is or was it only a prototype? Would really be great if someone knows maybe something about this machine, thanks, Marco
  6. Hi, I have a question to a System5 Mainboard from JPM. I have an old one which I have to replace and there is one to buy. But the question is, on my old one there is a sound-regulator on it in the right lower corner where you can change the sound if you would like to have it louder or not. Now I saw a photo of the other System5 Mainbord and I dont think that this is on the board. Are there different System5 mainboards or didn´t I see that? Thanks for your help, Marco There is a picture of it http://agemame.fruit-emu.com/resources/jpm/system5/SYS5%20MPU.jpg I mean there the thing between the sign "tested" and the red leds
  7. Thanks for the link, but would look only for the mainboard without a machine, because I live in Austria and would really hard for shipping it to me. So would be really perfect if there would be a single mainboard, but really thanks for the info Marco
  8. Hi, I am looking for a SYS5 Mainboard from JPM because I have an old slotmachine from JPM in which the mainboard seems not to work anymore. Could anyone please help me there? Or does someone know a person or a shop which sells such a mainboard? Thanks for your help. For info - I would need it for the slotmachine "Jackpot7" if someone maybe knows this slotmachine (from JPM) Thanks, Marco
  9. Hi, spoke with some people and it looks like that I would need a SYS5 Mainboard for that they cant repair the old one. So I would like to ask is there someone selling such a mainboard or does someone know a person who would sell one? Thanks for your help, really appreciate it, that there are so many nice people here trying to help. What I forgot to say is, on the mainboard which is at the moment in the slotmachine there is also a regulator for the sound on it - I do not know if every Sys5 Mainboard does have this. Thanks, Marco
  10. I have to shoot some of the inside soon as it stands in the house of my parents.
  11. I cant find this paperclip - There are only Icons for uploading a picture which is on an internet-side - but I only have a picture saved on the computer which I would like to show here :-(. Is that possible as well maybe? Thanks
  12. Hi, thanks for the reply, yes it is a machine from JPM How can I put in a picture here? Could you pleas help me? Because this is my first entry here in this forum. I have a picture saved on the computer. Thanks, Marco
  13. Hi, in another thread I am looking for a motherboard for the slotmachine "Jackpot7". I am looking as well for a manual or something like this for that slotmachine - and as well for the slotmachine "JokersWild" from the company JPM. Thanks for your help. Marco
  14. Hi, I would need your help please. I have a slotmachine from JPM which is called "Jackpot7". Now the machine does not work anymore. Think it is because of the motherboard, because the motherboard gets power (4 leds are lighting) but nothing else happens. So maybe someone has a new motherboard maybe or knows someone who has one. Would really appreciate it, because this slotmachine was the birthday-present for my father. Thanks a lot Marco
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