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  1. Withdrawn from sale. Copperwin guy has fkd me about for too long. I'm keeping the Fortue Trail. Still looking for a Copperwin
  2. Glad you reconsidered Chris, would have been a great loss to us all and I'm sure you'd have missed it too.
  3. Under a grand, I was happy with the price. Never seen one for sale before.
  4. Long story short the mrs is a student nurse so we've been on one income for three years, savings depleted and her qualifying date has been pushed back by covid until November. Now a copperwin has come up, I've been after one for a long long time and the money just ain't there for it. So I'm thinking of putting the FT up for sale along with a few others to fund it. Would liked to have the FT, Copperwin and Hit The Top together in my den but for the time being that's not possible. I'd like to keep it in the hobby so if anyone fancies it, let me know and we'll see if we can sort something. If you previously had me on facebook I lost my account and have a new one. Pls add me again.
  5. Can you pm me a price please on these. Copperwin is my #1 target machine. My grail... So picking a set of bands up would be sensible. They look great pal.
  6. I'm definitely going to put one on top
  7. Is there a shop you all favour for bulbs, IEC leads and locks? Many thanks.
  8. Guess this will be my first proper project. Never done one before, hoping some of you will guide me through it because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing Got it in a job lot with a hyper viper, joker poker and a rainbow riches. Not keeping the last two. Only got them as they came in a bundle.
  9. Spent half the day on it already, started putting a few quid in her after dinner and next thing it was dark Thanks again pal
  10. Did this have a flashing light on top does anyone recall?
  11. I finally got my hands on one thanks to Phil and Martin! But it really was a hell of a day out that. Anything that could go wrong went wrong:) Felt like an episode of Fawlty Towers Was nice to meet such a friendly and knowledgeable guy in Phil. Went through everything with me and made sure I was 100% happy with what I was paying and the machine. Even gave me a bag of coins to go with it! I know he could have sold it ten times over and for more than I paid for it so I really appreciate him letting me have it. CHEERS PHIL I OWE YA I'll do a video at some point, mainly because Steve has shamed me into it really. I'm not one for showing what I have got, but I guess that's pretty selfish of me as I love watching Steve's vids on youtube. So whatever I put in the house I'll do a video of from now on. Anyway, here she is, in the front room, playing perfectly
  12. Yes I did. Added a few more wants to my list as well. Reel2Reel. Ready, Steady, Go. I've put Grab The Bank on the back burner, fetching more than I want one right now.
  13. Two of the four in the bag :) Great community here and on the FB groups. Thanks all.
  14. I'm aware this will not be cheap Thanks all.
  15. I've had a lot of dealings with outfits like the GC in the past. There's NO grey area. It IS illegal. That's not up for discussion it's a fact. Whether it's actionable or not is up to them. In my experience if they have an easy nicking then they will do it. Makes them look good for zero effort.
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