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  1. First boot it said Ram error, then booted past it and asked about pots. Hit cancel and it seemed to boot through fine. Wouldn't take any coins so I took the cashbox door off to play in free play but nothing changed, no alarm etc. So I switched it off. Then switched on with door open and it's now not booting at all. Refitted door, locked it and nothing. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. There's still some out there Jimbo at reasonable money. Scour the marketplace on Facebook and place wanted ads. Things do show up. Bit of patience and a LOT of searching will get you something.
  3. Sharp tongue to new faces, but you get a bit back you're the victim. Crack on.
  4. Weak as fuck. Expected better than this from the forum gobshite.
  5. You went off the deep end lad. If you don't want some back don't post abuse ya fkn wetwipe.
  6. Eyarrr, Tummy Rubbinson's had a pint. Did I mention gullible too? Bring back them blue spaz chariots for Nifty. He's going to burst something and have a stroke. Be the first one he's had for a while mind since they banned him from arcades near schools..
  7. Surely someone in China will run 100 boards off if you send them a working one....
  8. Think you'll find it's the right that's offended by everything. Cry arsing they can't be racist/sexist any more. Is it really a big deal that you have to stop being a shitty person to others? I don't think it is. As a socialist I just think some things can be done better if we all pull together. Some things are run better when we all own it. Like pubic transport, utilities and communications. Bring back British Rail, British Telecom, British Gas etc. Britain was better when we really were in it together.
  9. Withdrawn from sale. Copperwin guy has fkd me about for too long. I'm keeping the Fortue Trail. Still looking for a Copperwin
  10. Glad you reconsidered Chris, would have been a great loss to us all and I'm sure you'd have missed it too.
  11. Under a grand, I was happy with the price. Never seen one for sale before.
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