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  1. Where are the sound roms located? Is it the chip on pic. im sorry my timescale seemed unreasonable, I don’t need it or want it and it is going tomorrow. It was a last minute thought that someone might have still wanted to save it for a small price. I will as mentioned by some members strip the boards out before it goes. If someone wants to send me an email address I will forward photos off the glass.
  2. Digging up an old post 👍🏻 I never did get round to chucking this machine but tomorrow it’s getting stripped out,cut up and to the tip on Wednesday. If anyone is interested in it complete for £50 send me a message ASAP. All still working apart from the display, 3 lots of stake decals for different payouts and a spare coin hopper. Would need collecting Wednesday though! neil
  3. Hi guys.sorry I havnt taken the pics of it yet as ive been working away but will get them before it goes, Mrs is wanting it gone asap (no patience this women lol).
  4. I can take some high res pic if you want them. I think it's a epoch and it's all fully working except the display so I'll just strip that out then before it goes. Thank you
  5. Hi guys Is this old machine worth anything to anyone? Need to get rid but not sure if there's any point advertising it or just a trip to the tip as not really of value. Any ideas?
  6. Any idea what year this machine would have been made?
  7. Cheers guys. I'll stop by one of the local fruit machine repairers and see if they have a spare. Was only moving it as the Mrs wanted me to get rid, not told her it's broke now or she will have more ammo for it going haha
  8. Now I understand, yes zd2 looks knackerd aswell 😞 trim.D90B5750-864C-4F7E-A3E6-1BB5803D575F.MOV
  9. Just taken the display off to get a photo of and now noticed a electrical component that seems to be buggered. The machine is all still working fine just that the display doesn't, only other displays on the machine are red cashpot displays. Is this a fixable part or should I look for a new display? Magic - what is zd2? Thanks
  10. Hi cannon Pic of the front
  11. Sorry ,do the pics show now?
  12. Hello all. I had to move my fruit machine today and after moving it the digital display no longer works 😕 I've had a nose round inside the cabinet and disconnected/reconnected most of the connectors on the boards but still no joy with it working again, are old digital displays fragile and maybe would break moving the machine? I'm not really sure what connectors or boards control the display so any help is very much appreciated as I was hoping to get the coin slot re done to accept new coins as it makes a great money box but now I don't even know if it's worth keeping Thanks in advance..attached a pic of the board ( is this the control board?)
  13. come home from time away with work to find my new mpu board had arrived machine works like new,remembers its settings and shows all dip switches are working .would anyone have a table of what these 16 switches do please? also I swapped my coin mech out for a SR5i mech but still no jpy with the silver coins
  14. thanks for the advice guys. followed the pin diagram from the instructions chasnbons posted,£1 coins fine into hopper but then it gets weird... it says any number of coins can be sent into the same chute but if I put more than one wire on the pin for C they all default back into A! so if I add 50p to C this works fine and routes to the bottom cash box but this defaults back if I add more than 1. any ideas on why this would happen guys?
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