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  1. Hi, if anyone can help who’s familiar with the mpu3 reel sets. I have tried all the options I can to fix this, turns out it could be a stepper motor alignment issue on reel A ive looked at the manual for this and I’m lost, ideally calling out for someone i could possibly send it to so they could look at it for me or it explained abit more clear as to what needs to be done Thanks in advance
  2. Thankyou very much ! Really appreciate your help
  3. Hey, 9! Ok, maybe £5 or 6jp. I was going to ask what you think would play beter but prob a tricky question in this regard. Let’s go with the £5 if there’s one? Thanks
  4. Ino, dreadful isint it haha , and yes no problem with that at all, Thankyou very much! Look forward to seeing how they play then
  5. That’s very strange , well at least you might be able to help. I’ve been trying to pin point the problem for months on my own but with no avail I have a intermittent fault where as if I start the machine up it fires on the Solenoids a few times and 1 real judders. I’ve tried 4 different psu, 4 different mpu and bought a new module and swapped the eproms . The machine has got worse to the point it won’t even play, where as before it would sometimes after a few startups ... all I can think of is the eproms where either faulty or the original battery damaged board caused them to fault? It’s set on 10p play and not sure of the jackpot but the decals in the pic I’ve attached might shed some light. Anything has to be beter then what I have atm, it’s been a real nightmare. Please , let me no your thoughts Thanks for your message
  6. Hi, I’ve been having some trouble with my Nudge a Win machine, I’ve narrowed it down to being bad eproms. Was wondering if anyone could help in finding or running me off a set I can pay for them and postage Thanks - Chris
  7. Thanks very much guys, sounds promising, I will let you no how I get on Cheers!
  8. Can anyone help, I have a reel A error, it looks like the sensors are fine, but the motor feels abit more ruff than the other 2 , it seems to be jamming abit when it spins at start up. Am I to assume this is definitely the motor at fault or could it be diodes . What would you recommend me doing to test it further, or even fix motor? if not, has anyone a spare I could possibly buy. The amount of reels I sold on, now I’m stuck without any parts 😂 Cheers
  9. Perfect ! Thankyou very much, that’s ordered, makes sence , I was looking at 32 OD 27ID but a place online asking silly money, this is fair and if they work at 26ID then I’m happy Cheers ! Chris
  10. Hi, anyone point me in the right direction for a new perspex coin tube that would fit into the old style 10p coin solenoid On a barcrest mpu4 machine Looked at a few company’s but don’t seem to be getting the best OD and ID sizes to suit, can anyone recommend a place or what kind of sizes can I get away with ? Thanks in advance !
  11. Mainly wondering if there is 2 eproms missing from this board, if you look close the two that are there have A and C on them, then a empty eprom space between which just makes it look even more suspicious to there being missing. I did speak with a guy called Vinny who used to be on here a lot and he did have one that he was in the process of giving to someone he new, but I’ve not heard anything since, that felt like my only chance as you never really see these machines anywhere. Any help or the where abouts of one in a arcade would be great right now, thanks
  12. If you have no luck with the psu mentioned then I may have one, I will try get it tested. But let me no if all else fails and I will look into it
  13. I’m looking for a photo of a Casino Cash main board, I don’t no anyone with one of these machines but would greatly appreciate any help in finding someone the machine is not working atm and we think there maybe eproms missings, but can’t be 100% and could do with at least a photo of there board or someone with knowledge of this machine ive attached a couple of photos of the machine and board Thankyou
  14. Really, Thankyou so much! That just leaves me to find a set of ROMs now i will private message you my address and you can send me your details over
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