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  1. Well thank you so much for taking the time to help. Another lesson learned!
  2. I done as you asked and put switch 4 on and rebooted the machine IT WORKS!!!! Thank you so much! What was wrong?
  3. Hi fruitsnappa, switches 1 2 and 3 of the middle bank are on, all the rest are off.
  4. I have a Betcom Shrewlock Holmes machine (Scorp6). Haven’t used it for 2 or 3 days, when I powered it up this afternoon the alpha display showed initialising then goes blank. This happens every time I power it up. The machine continues to boot up and goes into attract mode ready to play, however the alpha remains completely blank. I’ve checked the connection at the board and at the mpu end and both connections seem ok. Any hints/tips will be most welcome
  5. derann

    Reel alignment

    Do you mean I need to try a replacement Scorpion 6 board? If that’s the case I’ll need to contact the company I got the machine from as I’ve only had it a few weeks and it’s still under warranty. Or is there anything else I can do regarding testing that you can think of?
  6. derann

    Reel alignment

    Just to be clear, I unplugged reels 1 and 3 and removed them from the machine so they were just like the photo you posted. I then put reel 3 into the connector reel 1 was plugged into and reel 1 into the connector reel 3 was plugged into. Reel 1 was aligning up fine when plugged into reel 3’s connector and now reel 3 which is plugged into reel 1’s connector is misaligned . Does this not prove that the reel is ok as a different reel plugged into connector 1 is acting the same as the original reel?
  7. derann

    Reel alignment

    I think the reels should have the black T bars but they are missing? I just unclipped them from the blue plastic base and physically swapped the reels leaving the original wiring in place.
  8. derann

    Reel alignment

    Hi martinb, sorry, I haven’t had the chance to check out the machine until today. I have swapped reels 1 and 3, the fault did not follow the reel. Reel 3 that is now in position 1 is now stopping in between symbols. Any suggestions?
  9. derann

    Reel alignment

    Checked the reel and it doesn’t seem to be snagging on anything. I’ve attached a video of the reel in test mode for clarity. IMG_0617.MOV
  10. derann

    Reel alignment

    Sorry, it’s a Betcom Shrewlock Holmes machine. when I do a reel test it’s stopping with some of the symbols correctly aligned to the win line but on stepping through the symbols some of them are misaligned.
  11. derann

    Reel alignment

    Looking for some technical help regarding my machine. Reel 1 on my machine has been slightly out of line compared to the other two. It stops with the symbol slightly higher on the pay line compared to the other two. While playing it the last few days the miss alignment gets to the stage that reel 1 stops in between the symbols. The only way I can get it back is to turn the machine off then power it back up again. Is there any way to align the reels through a setting in the engineers menu? I’d appreciate any advice as to what causes the alignment and how to permanently correct it without having to power the machine on and off?
  12. Hi martinb, no unfortunately the £20 was one of mine🙈! I don’t have that kind of luck😂.
  13. Great news! I tested note out and the recycler paid out £20, so now the recycler is displaying 00. I’ve also changed the recycler from £20 to £10 as you suggested. Hopefully that’s everything as it should be. Many thanks again for all assistance given!
  14. To be honest I’ve never worked with a recycler before, I’ve had a couple of machines in the past but they didn’t have a recycler. I’m a bit wary of trying to open it up in case I break anything 🙈! I’ll try and do as you suggest, where is the silver tape? I’ll go into the setup and change the recycler note to £10 and do a note out test too. Sorry for asking all these questions but it’s the only way I’ll learn.
  15. The recycler is showing 01. I managed to get into the extended menu as per your instructions however there was nothing there relating to the recycler. At least through everyone’s help I’ve managed to get the machine up and running with the recycler being recognised, I’m just curious as to why if there is a win over £20 that the machine attempts to pay out in £1 coins instead of a note as I don’t have that many £1 coins in the hopper and could up getting an IOU from the machine?
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