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  1. We operate several Casino Crazy machines in clubs, but there were several versions - I do not know of any that took notes! Maybe let me know the issue and WHICH pcb it is using JR
  2. late entry! Means computer thinks hopper is empty use the refill key to top up, or better still, dump the hopper (refill key + dump switch and then computer will know how much is in the hopper JR
  3. p.s. Just seen last post. STILL have Hewlett Packard development system with in-circuit cpu emulators for most early microprocessors - but not been fired up in over 12 years so not sure if it still works even. Aslo an early Mostek in-circuit emulator and batch of STAG programmers. Code was all done in assembly language mainly Z80 and 6809. Most prgramming was changing prizes on early machines at triennial review. We used to print new glasses/decals and update the software - old games like Andy Capp, Viva Espanya, Road Hog spring to mind.
  4. Hi all, trouble with machine business like mine (300+ machines on location) is SPACE. When a defunct machine (read out of date) comes in, we just keep the PSU, Coin Mech and sometime MPU and scrap the rest as no room to keep everything - usually (naughty) burn all the wood and loose the plastic/metal to recycling. No MPU4 machines left and only a few months ago dumped a sozen or so MPU4s as taking up space! Shame, wish I'd found this beforehand and would have given them away! I do have a large library of Eproms over many years and spare parts, but will not read this forum often as too many other things to do. If someone is looking for software, something old or parts, feel free to e-mail me through this forum and if I have them, their yours for free. Replies make take a couple of days though. As for bigger items, I am in West Somerset if anyone calls by. Past retirement but can't get the trade out of my blood - too long at it! Sorry for long post, but waffling here! And remeber, the two golden rules - keep those batteries checked for leaking and power connectors for burnt pins!
  5. PS from "J R" I tried this page in Firefox 3 and wouldn't allow any editing etc. Just for info
  6. Hi from "J R" Have been in gaming business 43 years and came across site when looking for picture of a machine. I designed a lot of early coin-op video games and wrote quite a bit of software for Barcrest MPU3 and MPU4 machines. Now just operate in the West Country but have vaste amount of spares (components) and am always scrapping machines so usually throw the lot away as no need to keep huge amount of spares. NOT trying to sell anything, but maybe can help a few people along the way. Electronic knowledge hasn't diminished with age! Only trouble is time is short, so any replies may take a little while.
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