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  1. Test 11 Test 12 RAM DUMPER CLOCK CARD TEST INFRA RED TEST Know about using the unfreeze on the RAM READER for the ERROR 92 but does it have other function?
  2. Just curious, does anybody have any information on the options in the hidden test menu on the scorpion 2. Some make sense, some I aint got a clue.
  3. Cheers Warlord, Id noticed if plugs moved could see some arching inside the plug. I'll take your advise on soldering the ends. I've also fitted a credit button via a double pole key switch which opens the door switch circuit and enables the button, so kids can play it without it paying out my cash😁
  4. Just an update. Got them done by Maggi electronics in Bolton. Quick turn around at good price.
  5. Replaced the caps in the PSU and decided to do the diodes and rectifiers while had it in pieces. Also replaced 2 caps in the reset circuit on the MPU. Discovered a damaged track on the board too for the volume override, repaired this which has addressed an intermittent issue of the volume sticking on full. Seems to be booting ok now. Then had an issue with coin accept which I've traced to the electronics on the Y Chute. Found info on here on bypassing, so thats sorted now. Then developed a error 92! Found more info on here on clearing the RAM. Seems ok now. So not doing too bad now thanks to the wealth of knowledge on here. Got an intermittent issue with some lamps but pretty sure that's just some worn plugs which i'll replace. Is it a general thing with the older tech that you fix one thing and find or create another issue??
  6. Thanks guys, I've scrubbed the board with IPA. Stripped down the PSU and found one of the caps bulging, going to replace both. Also found a dry solder joint on one of the fuse holders. Also going to replace the capacitors in the reset circuit.
  7. Hi All, Having a little problem with my Bell Fruit Scorpion 2 Big Breakfast. Started taking around a minute to power up. When I switch on mains supply all the power supply leds light and the red reset led on the MPU lights. It will sit like this for around a minute, then you will see the reset like flick off briefly a few times. Then will stay off for a good few seconds a couple of times then goes off and machine will power up normally. Once powered up machine functions fine. If I briefly switch off the mains will power up normally, but if off for a while get the same slow power up problem. Looking for advice where to start investigating. I'm thinking possibly the capacitor in the reset circuit. Board has had slight battery leakage, which didn't appear to cause any more damage than the -ve battery solder connection. Have now fly leaded battery. Any advice or information is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, Looking for someone who can reprogramme and service 2x Mars Me126 coin mechs. Just need old £1 changing to new £1. Both working currently. Many Thanks
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a main front outer cash door for a bell fruit scorpion 2 trident cabinet. Looking for an original one with the bell fruit logo pattern. Mine machine currently has a rough replacement. One popped up on ebay last week but i missed it. If any has one available would you message me what you would like for it. Many Thanks
  10. Swapped the link over. Sounds now all ok. Thanks everybody for advice.
  11. What sound issues were you having prior to the link swap?
  12. Thanks for that and no rush. Its just something I fiddle with in my spare time. I have found a thread which mentions checking some tracks under the battery. I had a leaky battery and fly leaded it now, thought it had only damaged the battery -ve connection but might have missed something, i'll double check the tracks. However I'm quite sure it did it before the battery issues. All other sounds are fine just that 1 feature is wrong.
  13. Thanks for response Tilly1, I've attached pics of whole board and links above Sound Rom. Basically are you saying I may just need to break LK3 and make LK2?
  14. Hi Folks, I have a Bell Fruit Scorpion 2 Big Breakfast fruity. I think it might have an incorrect sound rom. On the features instead of "Nobbly Nuts" it plays "Sunny Side Up" music instead. Can anybody advise on this and if a correct sound rom would be available from anybody. Picture attached of current sound ROM chip. Many Thanks in advance Wayne
  15. I'm trying to get my hands on a manual for a 90's Bell Fruit Big Breakfast Machine with Scorpion 2 MPU. Can anybody help or point me in right direction. Cheers Wayne
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