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  1. Thanks. I see where you are coming from, perhaps I'll give that a try at some point. :-)
  2. Hi everyone. I've opened the machine and saw that if I was to put the key in then I'd have to remove the % key, so I did, plugged the stake jackpot key in. Booted it up & it came up as 5p stake with £5 jackpot. I then booted down and up trying different combinations until I got 10p play and it's working great. No worries about the % key as the machine reset itself as 80% payout. Thanks to all as it works fine. 😜
  3. That's exactly what my sons & wife say especially as its my wife who is my carer and she has to get me off the floor manually. I'll be resting now at sons until weekend and looking forward to playing it.
  4. Thanks Borgd. I'm away until weekend nursing by back and thigh from a fall yesterday however I'll try it when I get back
  5. BS 69, I'm new to fruit machines & when I did a search on Ebay for prize stake keys the one I got was the only one on apart from a job lot of green keys. I didn't even know about keys for them until 3 days ago, however if there had been anall in one available I'd have got one if the price was right - the one I got was £3.49 free postage,so I'm now wondering if I should hold off in case one comes up on Ebay. It will be Saturday or Sunday by the time I'm going to get chance to look at it. :-)
  6. I hope you meant shouldn't rather than should. We got back later than expected and unfortunately I've had a fall in the house - I've got Spinal Muscular Atrophy which is in the Muscular Dystrophy family towards the end stage forcing me ever closer to being in my wheelchair permanently. We're away until Saturday from tomorrow so I'll not be trying the key thingy until we get back. I'll message you if I get it working or not.
  7. Thanks Mavros I've done nothing yet but I've zoomed in on my image that I uploaded and the grey box has £25 embossed on it and £25 cash in white in blue, on the green one it has the number 78 ariel embossed on it, but I don't know what it means unless it's the 78% payout.
  8. I'm somewhat afraid of putting the key in just yet, so i'm going to hold off in putting it in yet until I know what the numbers on my new key mean. Thanks for the above. I'm still confused as to what setting is what. On this new prize stake key at one end it is marked as sw2 stake with pins on and off numbers 1 2 3 4 At the other end it is marked as sw1 prize, again numbers 1 2 3 4 Where do the figures for stake 5 6 7 8 come from? the seller sent me a link to the prize settings etc to show what to set it to, as the same as above from Fzzzzzz Bang, thanks Cheers Razzle Dazzle Expert (thanks for the info and looking for the item) @ http://www.coin.demon.co.uk/pckey.htm with reference at the bottom to 5 6 7, but all I have is 1 2 3 4 at each end.
  9. Just recieved an adjustable prize stake key in the post with the idea of fitting it to change my machine to the £5 jackpot for the decals I've got. Wonder if anyone has had a similar thing or could it potentially blow the board leaving me with a useless machine. The other thing I'm wondering is as the prizes are lower with denominations of 20p's will it confuse the machine as there is only one hopper with pounds in. The thing I don't understand is that the new key has only 1 fitting but the fittings on the board has 2 keys, one grey for the £25 jackpot and the other is green for the percentage adjustment. Does this mean that the new key is the wrong type for my machine? Thanks in advance, Nick I've loaded images to help
  10. kcinkys

    Monty Python Percent/JP Key

    Relating to Jackpot key advice
  11. Hi BS69, I opened up the machine this morning with power off, to check the cables again & disconnected all wires one at a time, then reconnected each one before the next one. I traced the wire to the MPU5 from the coin mech and removed the plug, took pictures, then reconnected as I did with all the others. I was going to upload the images but thought I'd power up and put a few quid in, surprisingly all coins went straight to the hopper and the familiar rapid clicking from the mech from each coin inserted. As it's working now I feel that uploading the images wouldn't serve any use but I thank you for the help and kindness you have paid to my questions, I love this site. If it reverts to the fault again I'll post again with the images.
  12. Sorry, the wires are blue and green not yellow and green :-)
  13. Hi, I checked and it's Mars, all wires are plugged in etc, there is a spare lightbulb on 2 wires yellow/green that is just loose, looking at the fitting it is a T that it would slot into and there are 2 T fittings on the illuminated the coin mech however the one which isn't connected to the T is well short to reach the T fitting to the left of the coin mechanism so now I wonder if the other light goes somewhere to monitor coins etc. There's only one slot and I presume that the other T would have been for 20p in the £5 jackpot version.
  14. A question regarding the Monty Python Flying Circus £25 jackpot fruit machine. It plays well and pays out fine as in the last post about courier and price question. Initially when I got it I did a hopper dump followed by putting 50 pounds in the hopper. So I fed a further £20 in by playing and all the coins went into the hopper. My winnings were £25 so I collected it as I had run out of pounds so I then fed the winnings in but they dropped down to the bottom of the machine. I have tried and tried to get the coins in by doing a hopper dump as before = same problem & then turning the refill key then slotting them through the coin mechanism, the balance goes up but the coins go down into the collection box at the bottom, not the hopper as it should be. I read on a site that someone else was experiencing the same problem. Alternatives were advised and one of the suggestions was to short the battery by a milisecond by connecting a wire across the -and+. As I could have predicted it fried the MPU5 board & the guy bought a new one thinking it would solve the problem but it is at the same point as it was initially. As a last resort at 1am I was rather angry, I dumped the hopper, closed the doors, turned the refill key to find the hopper balance, it said £101 so I fed £45 in then dumped, then £45 again, dumped then the balance was shown as £11. I powered the machine down then the following morning fed £5 in, dropped to hopper, great, I then put £5 in again and it bypassed the hopper just as the day before. I repeated everything again and again and again but can't get it to put them in the hopper by playing or through the mechanism with refill key. I know that it doesn't really matter as it takes a minute to fill the hopper manually by collecting the cash in the collection box at the bottom, but it irritates me that it doesn't work. Have any of you guys had a similar problem? I would be curious to find out and possible ideas. Thanks, Nick
  15. Hadfields delivered yesterday and it was safe and in one piece, I played it last night and it plays very well, great sounds and most of all you can actually hear the hopper mechanism spinning and not struggling to pay as my Kings Ransom has been doing. Now I know the sound of a good working Pound hopper mechanism I think that I'll probably need to buy a new hopper mechanism at some point. On saying that last time I was on The Kings Ransom it worked and paid out no problem, just the hopper made a wooosh rather than the spinning heard in the Monty Python Flying Circus machine, perhaps it's a newer mechanism design. They both use the MPU5 technology, I have the decals for the £5 jackpot but think I need to buy a KEY for the main board. Anyway I thought I'd let you know as help was given by you guys. I think I'll need to win the lotto to be able to keep the hopper full of pound coins lol :-)
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