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    walking away by june 2015 and say hello to virgin media broadband coming soon and good bye bt lol


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  1. at £600 must be sniffing something hard player
  2. sounds like the boards fucked if the paying a coin out on boot up battery would have leaked
  3. there was a board for sale on ebay for 60 local didnt last long
  4. mrx

    Barcrest skill cash

    i would just scrap it and keep the monitor for spares
  5. @niftynudgerinfection doesnt relize getting resourses is free as people spend a lot a lot of money buying and picking stuff up as manuals arnt cheap
  6. you need to be a donator here or supporter
  7. these come of a idea for a diamond games clones bar x stepper played a streaky game
  8. it will be for sale at some point i get just give it a few weeks somebody will do it up
  9. jimmys got a 2 pound line up for sale on his fb page wonder where hes making them
  10. must be getting rumbled or gambling commissions on to him for using somebodys elses licence as he made a mistake putting the car on fb with numberplate full in view that means people can trace his home address @Lemmo
  11. @netdentbet jimmy will have it on for sale for 2 k in the next few days
  12. you allways get one checking ebay and facebook 24/7 day and night the games dead really as facebooks killed it too many cowboys over bidding and selling on for 10 times its worth
  13. might be able to find you a set how much are you willing to pay
  14. where abouts are you based as i will offer the 50 for the lot
  15. looks like a concept rebuild to me
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