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  1. That is the games character chip aka security without that chip your machine will not boot up at all.
  2. Wow how technology has developed over the years. Pretty cool when you see stuff like this.
  3. tommy c

    MPU Repair

    Very odd them giving up on the electrocoin boards after such a short time. They seem to sell plenty of refurbed z80 and mak electrocoin boards. As for those games being worth weight in gold, yes that is true! With the programs the big chain arcades use coupled with a shit % payout for that software revision. They certainly are a cash cow for the major chain arcades.
  4. tommy c

    MPU Repair

    They have repaired a few battery damaged ones for me, along with battery damaged mpu4 boards. If there too far gone they wont touch em.
  5. What a collection. Excellent games those lot.
  6. tommy c

    MPU Repair

    In fact only board of mine maggie maggie have ever refused was an mpu 4 board. They said it was too much trouble sourcing parts and just wasnt worth the search with it being obsolete in 95% of arcades and agc's.
  7. tommy c

    MPU Repair

    Maggie, maggie do trade and private. Assuming your a tech or at some point were, maggie maggie should sort those in a couple of days.....
  8. Good luck with the layout Andy.
  9. I'm sure he's helped out with fme stuff before so I reckon he will help if a message can be sent to were it will be read.
  10. Fantastic reproduction, they really do give an old classic machine a look at how they were when brand new.
  11. These run on the mk2 z80 board, much tighter security with the chipped dongle on these.
  12. I may have somewhere near that amount from a bwb road hog i stripped some time ago. I will check what's there and get back to you.
  13. Was there two versions of this game after the initial release. Sure i played one that said deal em 2000 in the same cab as this?
  14. Ok thanks, i always though it was for the speaker noise aka buzzing or constant zinnnnnnnnnng. Adjusting that pot would reduce those noises significantly.
  15. Is there no sensitivity dial like on an mpu 4 ? that can get rid of static noise through the speaker.
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