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  1. Cool, glad you got it sorted...:-) dont forget to get the batt changed as soon as, before it makes a mess and does some damage...only a few £s off ebay...
  2. Can you take one of the game card aswell, it looks like theres battery on it?? The big plug directly under the game card and the one to the right of it go to the hopper, wouldnt hurt to reseat them...steady the board around them and gently riggle them...follow the wiring from the two plugs and check it looks ok...had this same problem with a machine a few weeks back and it turned out to be a problem with the wiring...
  3. The picture goes out of focus when you zoom in, need to be a higher res...is that a battery on the game card? Could you take some decent close ups... :-)
  4. Hi, you could do with taking the metal cover off the board and posting a pic of the battery area, if the battery has leaked it will be fairly obvious...:-)
  5. Hi there, have you had this machine running before or did it come to you faulty? If you are sure the connections are all good and all plugs are in the right place(easy to be a pin out sometimes :-) ) then it might b worth swapping a reel to see if the fault moves with the reel...
  6. I know id read it wrong, oops...lol... ...
  7. Now y find them, hahaha... That's cleared that up then, same links fitted aswel... have been wondering about that all day lol...
  8. both sets of numbers are on the same eprom not two different chips does the pic help?
  9. Ok here goes... M27c256b-15fi or B88a930ie5
  10. Hi everyone and thanks for the help would the numbers off the eproms help??
  11. Hi Louie, I knew as soon as I took the pic id get told off for leaving the battery on haha... its off now...some more pics then...hopefully these are a bit better... had a bit of a prod around with the logic probe and it seems pin 1 on ic 5 is stuck low and pin 1 on ic 10 is stuck high...just having a prod and got lots of -12vc faults on the probe from ic 2, does that sound right??
  12. Hi Louie, yes mate theres a couple here, don't know if theyre clear enough...on one board I was getting a reading of 0.30 and the other one was 0.09... forgot to mention, I powered one board up tonight and the top of the segment was lit and the bottom right was faintly flashing and slowly got brighter, the noise from the speaker changed slightly as well, as if it wanted to boot then thought no stuff it haha, don't know if that helps lol...
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