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  1. Can you make the female ones tighter by crimping them? Cleaning wouldn't be a problem you put them in Hydrochloric Acid which will clean every inch of them then replate to protect from corrosion. I did it on my Bell Fruit Nudge Gambler bulb holders which were badly corroded and I just couldn't clean them by hand.
  2. Are the pins damaged beyond repair or is it just the burning changing the surface of the metal? Could possibly clean and replate them.
  3. Your attention to detail is spot on 👍
  4. I broke a Nudge Gambler which had a bad payout solenoid fire. Reels damaged, glass was already badly faded but fire damaged but I salvaged parts to repair mine but even so it was not nice breaking it.
  5. Unreal. So nice to see you decide to rebuild rather than scrap it. Hats off to you 🎩
  6. Looks outstanding well done. Any chance you can post some videos of these machines working with a bit of game play?
  7. You could add resistors to each LED to limit the current and reduce the brightness.
  8. Huge thanks goes out to midibob for his help. This board is now working
  9. Or alkaline 😁 See I said I wasn't an expert lol.
  10. I'm not an expert so you need to search on here for the best methods but either bicarbonate of soda or vinegar to neutralize the acid and lots of distilled water to wash it all away. You need to let the board dry out for at least a week somewhere warm before powering it up again.
  11. I was going to ask about the board and battery. Wow that is mega lucky but get it snipped off as soon as you can to avoid any further attack from the killer battery. If there is any corrosion get it neutralized ASAP
  12. Well it's too late now I've fitted them lol. Never had to change an IC before. I found the 40 pin easier to do than the 18 pin. Hope I have done it correctly? 🤔
  13. Sorry just noticed the postage cost on that eBay page 🤑
  14. What about Rosewood? You can buy the veneer here. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Santos-Rosewood-Veneer-SaRaiFo-250x21cm-1-Sheet-/392576710015?var=0&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338268676&toolid=10044&customid=Cj0KCQiAip-PBhDVARIsAPP2xc0CzEzISyY_EZiN795QbuOgnkAxbe__JaOEbx4iYfU8zKRoe5aErqoaAkWlEALw_wcB
  15. IC's just arrived. How do they look to you?
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