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  1. Hi Does anyone know who can fix JMP Impact boards, mainly the sounds card? I have an Indiana Jones that the sound has suddenly stopped working on and after a quick Google search it points to the sound card having an issue. If no one knows of who can fix them (or someone who can sell me a known working one) does anyone have the schematics so I can test the components myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we all know how fantastic the sound is on Indy!! Regards Ivan
  2. Hi all I've been getting a reel A alarm on my Line Up for some time now. It powers on, the reels all judder as they should and then spin, they stop briefly and the reel A bleeps, they spin again and then you get the continuous Reel A alarm, the hold button remains lit and there is a 1 showing on the credit seven segment display. I have swapped the reel sensor, swapped the stepper motor and removed, cleaned and continuity tested the red and green cables. I then connected the cables the other way round, thus making a 'new' connection but still no joy. I'm thinking it could possibly be one of the components on the reel unit PCB, but thought I'd ask the forum if anyone has had a similar issue or has any advice. I have attached a video showing the behavior. Any help would be appreciated as I really want to be playing the machine again, thanks. PXL_20210316_163806436.mp4
  3. Hi, I'm getting Reel A alarms on my Line Up. I've tried swapping the reel sensors around but the alarm remains on reel A. Therefore I would like to try a new stepper motor. The model number is an Astrosyn 28BB-H102 - 14 I would really appreciate it if someone would sell me one, I've tried Sallow Amusements but they are sold out Regards Ivan
  4. Hi Midi Bob Is it possible to send you an MPU3 board to see if you can repair it please? If so, please could you let me know where to send it, thanks. Regards Ivan
  5. ivandraper

    MPU3 repair

    Hi, I imagine this has been asked several times before and I apologise if there's another thread with the answer. Is there anyone out there that can repair MPU3 boards please? I've got a couple that need fixing, most recent failures are my Line Up and Razzle Dazzle so as you can imagine I'm pretty desperate to get them fixed, especially during the current lockdowns!
  6. Hi all, would like to say hello to you all. I've been an avid machine player for a few years now. I've got a few machines at present, always have had since I was about 10 years old, got rid of a few which I totally regret now. Recently bought a smash n grab mpu4, which is causing me a right headache and I'm looking for a mod2 board if anyone could help me out please? Regards Ivan
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