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  1. Wat modification can be done to decrease te sound volume? On the lowest setting, the sound is still to loud.
  2. Already sorted it out. There was a break in the battery cable. Now it’s working fine. Thank you for your help anyway.
  3. I have made the battery external yeas ago. The board never suffered from battery corrosion. I will check if it makes the error also when I close the door. I will let you know.
  4. Hello, I have a problem with my JPM Popeye system 5 machine. When I start it up, I will get an program card error. The alarm sound is then triggered. After that it work as normal. I have checked the card, nothing strange as I can see. I also checked al the connections. What I noticed it that on the card on the picture a red ligt is flashing. Is that normal? Doe anybody has any idea what it could be?
  5. I have taken my other broken board (by battery acid) and give it a go for repair. After a few long hours, it’s working again 🎉
  6. I have taken out the mpu. I have noticed that ic30 has burn marks. Can it be ic30, that closing the error?
  7. What coups be broken on the mpu? Are there known parts that can go defective?
  8. Like I mentioned before: then the other reel doesn’t work
  9. Reel 4, the upper one on the right (seen from the front)
  10. How can I rule something out?
  11. I Can make some towmorrow. It’s an barceest MPU4 like this one:
  12. I have swapped the connector from a working reel next to it, and now the problem is swamped also.
  13. Does anybody know where to connect the cut off wire on pin 11 to?
  14. So maybe one npn transistor is broken?
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