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  1. Yes I would be correct in saying your machine was built first.😁
  2. All cash Super Nudge Gambler with some companies own glass and reel band change. BF symbols replaced to remove it's identity. Is what it is really and another version of SNG to collect @ £220 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/596056861414378/
  3. Another on the Facebook marketplace. Great game It it's original condition and looks complete inside, still on old money but the main glass has just about had it. Although electro machines are steadily increasing in price, Whether this one will get the £350 asking price could be too high. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/370202454763222/
  4. So many 70s machines had the same name used by all the companies which is great to get the pictures to match the name to the actual machine.
  5. Genuine Bell fruit production, Zig Zag is 15p cash 50p tokens followed by Cross Over £1 tokens. Under all the dirt the glass is flaking in a few places but if that's all is wrong then a cheap affordable machine is a breath of fresh air. Nobles and a few others made clones or conversions on these games. Strange why it has not been snapped up as advertised since beginning of August.
  6. That 10p token reminds me of the great machines JPM were producing that accepted not only that but the 5p tokens too. The playing card symbols, the coloured roundels with the JPM logo and the JPM embossed start button.
  7. The problem I have with Brenco machines are the all 240vac operation are lethal. Apart from the artwork the inner workings always look like they were cobbled together from odd bits in someone's shed. No H&S when these machines were built. A burned out reel solenoid will be hard enough to find a replacement but before fitting I would find out what caused the first one to burn out. Good Brenco machines are not exactly thin on the ground these days so with this one not having much going in it's favour, I would have placed it at a low auction start
  8. whoever buys this one has work to do to get it up and running again. Main glass is a re-print and has a burned out reel solenoid then there is the rust. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265303049761?hash=item3dc54b4621:g:OjAAAOSwuslhN4KK
  9. Not missing the start button as that was another change from the engraved start and small hold buttons to those fitted on the Money Multiplier. Whether all those subtle changes had something to do with it but this machine was not as popular as Superchance.
  10. This was the sister machine to Super Chance... Mid 70s Money Multiplier JPM club electro... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265302420573?hash=item3dc541ac5d:g:98UAAOSwy2dhNxI8
  11. One of their many Bf conversions, This one fitted with the Up & Down nudge. Good auction start. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393553150684?hash=item5ba19882dc:g:dgMAAOSwFy9hLi9x
  12. On the payout problem, Remove one wire from the reel motor and test all the different win lines by manually setting the symbols on the win line and play the credit. As the reel motor is disconnected the reel solenoids will lift and drop as normal but reels won't spin and machine will play the game and payout the set win. This will show how many win lines are correct and those not paying out. You can remove one wire from all three reel solenoids rather than motor for same result.
  13. Cs1 should be the first one and nearest the motor end of control timer, Cs 21 is the last one on the payout timer so opposite end to motor.
  14. As it has a credit counter, The insert coin should stay lit up before any games played and should go out once start button pressed, the lockouts close and game started. It should light again when lockouts open at end of game Basically, Cs 1 cuts supply to lamp as soon as game starts and control timer starts it's full cycle and switches supply back to lamp when control timer is back at start position Cs21 on the payout timer will keep light out during payout until finished cycle. The two relays on the reels are the Gold Star relays 'A' & 'B' B is only for Pears and Oranges, A is for the rest.
  15. The insert coin lamp is controlled by two cam switches. Cs1 on the main control timer and Cs21 on the payout timer. With mentioned no payout on three oranges and star, there should be two switches on reels. One to change the Bells from 10p to 25p token and the other is actually to give an option on the oranges of a 10p coin or 5x2p depending on which way its switched. With there being three wires connected, If wires off that switch or wired wrong will disable oranges payout.
  16. Would it be this one, JPM brought out some very good games in this cabinet. It will be great to see it back in working order again.
  17. Those credit counters were standard so as to fit both AWP and club electros, and will go past 99 into three figures. The non replayable 25p token payout slide fitted at the front but still over the pay chute was a regular service call for engineers had to refill them
  18. I like Lucky Twos, Just a basic game but a great pocket money machine. Those Earth wires were often left off by engineers on site and often had to put them all back in workshops. Having said that there were not as many connections as really should have. Originally taken from the Earth connection at the back of the Bulgin socket and one connected looped to the Mains switch plate on back door, All the rest were in the same loop so a connection to the main control panel via it's shelf mounting bolt, A connection to the payslides via one of their mounting bolts, sometimes the metal coin chutes from the slides to front cups would have one and possibly one up to the coin mechs. All depends if they still there or have been completely removed. Not PAT test friendly. The squeaking timer is possibly the variator at the back top right side, it has one of the early ones in that metal housing and they did tend to get a bit noisy.
  19. BF74

    Ten Up

    Great to see Plenty of these still about. Working and a cheap auction start but expect it will end up for silly money. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185014793167?hash=item2b13bdb3cf:g:mLEAAOSwdNBhJRda
  20. I think it started life as a JPM "The Winner" No name that I can see as to who built the conversion but does look similar artwork to R.V.Smith.
  21. This machine reminds me of one particular service call. I had one Superchance give holds after wins on the Kings, Queens and Aces Did not believe until tried it out and there it was hold after win. Not all the time but only if there would have been a hold selected for next game but that should have been cancelled by the wins. Bit of a head scratcher until realised two pins on the underside of just one relay were wired the wrong way around so came from JPMs factory like that. Rang JPM to let them know what I had found in case there were more out there but they just thought I was taking the piss.
  22. One point to keep check on Superchance is the tin payout chutes from under the slides to the payout tray. As they are at a bit of a shallow angle, They often needed cleaning as coins used to get stuck leading to players having to tip the machine forward to get stuck coins to drop out. I would suspect the chute on this one having not been cleaned for some time and possibly rust setting in.
  23. back on again... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384344727207?hash=item597cbb1ea7:g:I1gAAOSwIbRhIKES
  24. Advert From 1982... Or a porn movie, Ladies I'm here to fix your machine.🤣
  25. Check the reel bands have not slipped, Most electro machine reel bands are held by double sided sticky tape. 70s tape was not as quality as today's so it tended to either melt with heat build up in the machine or just give up and come apart. Either way the reel bands would slip and usually below the win line due to the sudden stopping of the solenoids. This happened even when the machines were new so expect no different after many years.
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