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  1. clone of a original barcrest crest game called bingo winner 😁 i do no the bingo winner roms got dumped and run in lucky lotto i wonder if i still have the card with the character chip in it 😁
  2. found the thread myself think bob got the card from nick and just tried dumping the roms not sure if they had the machine though as for the roms there probably turn up if the right person buys the machine or there mixed up with all the other non marked up files
  3. just caught up with this thread cracking job mate on the restore and very nice art work on the bottom Perspex who ever did that for you
  4. well looks like some one got the roms working or another gold pot has turned up 😁 i remember a post in 2019 🀣
  5. give it a shot mate glad you got a reader sorted does make things easy if you want to test a different rom 😁in your own machine
  6. looks like basic game play i wonder if a different game rom would make it a better machine this is the 200 i have on file could be the same as yours but worth a look at kingsque.p1
  7. no i did not sure my mate still has that card and if not you could always hack the game rom 😁
  8. looks good martin its a real shame so many of the clubbers had the dreaded gamble block or im sure they would be in much more of demand 😏
  9. yeah it took a while to work out the 6 pound bluemoon rom to getting it running these will work on the same principals i would of thought 😏
  10. courtesy of dave [tilly1] nothing special here but dumped in case needed not sure on the tic tac trivia rom as it was in a small square card with a chr 😁 big shot ic1 3.5.BIN big shot ic2 3.5.BIN cash counter 2.0 rom.BIN nudge shuffle £6.BIN frank n stein sound 1.bin frank n stein sound 2.bin frank n stein1.5.BIN tic tac trivia mpu4.BIN alphabet ic1.BIN alphabet ic2.BIN
  11. ok mate cheers its just that a mpu4 card has turned up with a rom in it but cant find out much about it
  12. any one heard of a machine called tic tac trivia mpu4 and have any invo or pictures of the actual machine cheers
  13. there are a few emulation sites and if you are a donator to one of them you have better access to mfme the latest version of mfme is 20.1 but a lot of the old games need loading in 5.1 and above then you can upgrade them to the latest version look in forums and go to mfme development you will find a few bits in there
  14. would not have a clue mate as roms are not my thing i have heard people have done it in the past though and maybe you never no one day some one will sort it out 😁
  15. stonyat421


    first job is to remove the battery from the board [ just snip the 3 legs holding it onto the board ] then take some good pictures of the front of the board have you also checked the fuses in the power supply
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