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  1. does a pig role in shit πŸ˜‚ yep if you are clever enough to do it or no some one who is willing to spend hours doing it for you
  2. looks good Dave and worth all that effort if you need some kick rubber think i have some in the storage 😁
  3. nice chris do like the nudge shuffle but would like to see a good vid on bouncer 😁
  4. i put the roms on here for him but as he did not download them they have now been removed πŸ˜‚
  5. it will not be the rom sadly most people running the cash rom will have a blank chr in the slot 😁only when they try and convert back is when they hit a problem as for lemmo he should be sorted😏
  6. glad you got it sorted mate in the end 😏
  7. as you asked so nicely 😁 dtd.SC6
  8. pm mate you could run it in the emulator may shed some light on it
  9. all fun and games bob 😏but a clever mod
  10. cheers dave did that blue moon rom turn up 😁
  11. well Chris never received his bluemoon rom so i sent one out to him sadly it was not to be his machine did not like it at all [ not sure yet why ] but im sure it will get sorted so on that note the rom is being sent to another mecca member to try out to make sure that its ok in a different machine the 6 pound blue moon was a nightmare to get running in the emulator as it turned out to be a bwb rom so it could be we just need a different rom for chris SO IF THERE ARE ANY MPU4 BLUEMOON FILES APART FROM THE 3 I HAVE please pm them to me 😏
  12. 64kb in slot 3 should run on a version 2 card as of the links on the card also take a close look at the version2 cards not the version 3 one 😁
  13. sorry mate i was waiting for some blanks to arrive im all out of blank 64kb roms 😁or i would of messaged you
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