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  1. sorry mate i was waiting for some blanks to arrive im all out of blank 64kb roms 😁or i would of messaged you
  2. is that why some of the lamps was not correct it was close but a few lamps was out in the blue moon
  3. the red looks good mate is the download on dif
  4. cheers for the vid mate its coming along nicely we must get them roms dumped as well 😁
  5. any one else having trouble still says unavailable
  6. not many of these about must be a couple stored some where
  7. lovely job mate on the ctl and worth all that effort as well not sure what this dislike is on the mps2 version but some of us just cant afford the mk1 😏so here is a mk2
  8. cheers mate il take a look when i get 5 mins😁
  9. well we all no you are on santas naughty list phil thats for sure 😁
  10. do we have the sound rom mate as its not in the 25 pound layout if not maybe some one can dump it 😁
  11. as mick said perfect for the job and if the uv tube is soldered on just do a mod on it 😁
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