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    Endlessly tinkering with and fixing any coin opperated game, for fun and as a living. Collecting electro-mechanical fruits form the 1970s'. Runing two arcades on the Isle of Wight for amusement and to house my machine collection. Must be dedicated as I just make a living out of it all.

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  1. I bought this one as I could not get a new heating element for my Weller iron. Works fine, but only one tip size. Just remember to unblock the iron often with the supplied wires, or solder build-up at the back cools to a solid lump as the back is below the melting point of the solder. I did manage to modify a modern TCP Weller iron to take the desoldering tips from the DS3120 iron, and now use both. https://cpc.farnell.com/duratool/d00672/desoldering-station-uk-eu-plug/dp/SD01384?st=desoldering station
  2. What coin mech was it?
  3. http://www.swallowam.co.uk/services.php £19.50 inc. return.
  4. http://www.swallowam.co.uk/services.php
  5. Global Phoenix Knights glasses available for free. No decals. C/W lamp masks. To be collected from Portsmouth area sooner rather than later.
  6. The 25p/£25 and the few 500s should have been in the 18s area.
  7. I dont remember exactly where, but the game needs to be enabled in one of the menus. Probably under some where like "Game set up" where the installed games are listed. You need to tick to enable.
  8. Cats and dogs. Bell fruit Pussy Cat (£60 JP) and Hot Dog (£100 JP).
  9. Nearly there. Just waiting for a few parts. A couple of questions that Ron could probably answer. What is the hold limiter timer for? CS29-31 Also there is a wiring mod around the 5p, 10p and 50p in relays with an added cam switch on the main timer. Was this circuit change issued by Bell Fruit or some operator hack?
  10. Machine coming along nicely. The meters cleaned up well and as was usual in the past, the hold selector had been well trimed. The hold after win wire had been completely removed. Just need a few plumbing parts and S1 mechs still.
  11. Here are a few pictures. The power unit cleaned up nicely. You can see what's needed although I do have a 10p tube.
  12. Since being stuck in the corner of my workshop since March 2010, I have finally got round to bring this back to life. There are a few plumbing parts missing I could do with if any one has them. The chute that sits on top of the 10p tube and catches the coins from the S1 mech. The complete chute that sends the 5p coins to the cash box. Black coin entry labels that go on the front. Any condition S1 mechs with front plate for this machine. 5p and 10p. 50v lock outs for S1. Have given everything a good clean and service and will then put the machine to one side until the parts become available. Have not powered it up yet, but did run the reel motor which showed the gear box needed a good clean. Will post some pictures soon. Thanks in advance for any leads.
  13. Could this be what you are looking for: http://www.swallowam.co.uk/parts/pimage/dscf6683a.jpg http://www.swallowam.co.uk/awp.php#sensor
  14. They need to be hard or "rigged" otherwise there is always a few clever sods that will happily empty it out for you. I had a machine that was truely skill. Worked fine for ages then some skilled couple came along and cleared it out while the staff just watched as they thought it was funny. Have changed the settings so even they couldn't clear it out, no one else stood a chance of winning. It was a "Slam Dunk" for those that know it.
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