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  1. That's one beautiful piece of machinery.
  2. That system 38 must have cost a fortune. IBM System/38 - Wikipedia
  3. More fantastic insights into that particular side of the operation frank. keep it up I have loads of original technical service bulletins(I got them off Richie100 a few years ago)and quite a few have your name on them IIRC. I think they are in the downloads on here.
  4. Did this a few years back. still have the glasses off this somewhere.
  5. Machines built circa 1978-1986 seem to be the ones where very deep pockets are needed. I thought these would have dropped a bit and the 90s machines became the new must have machines as the next wave of collectors entered the scene. while 90s machine prices picked up those 78-86 machines just seemed to have gone through the roof. The old electros seem to have shot up in price too.
  6. more or less the same as me bar the train driver part. I used to visit Rostock Enterprise and buy the odd machine off them and would have loved to have worked there. I did once have an interview in the late 80s at Stretton leisure in Warrington (the job was just doing conversions)but it was only temporary plus the money wasn’t brilliant so I passed on the opportunity. that’s as close as I got tbh
  7. Which years did Tosspots #1 to #4 arrive and leave frank? just to get a sort of idea how long these tossers lasted. Those sinking into the Leather chair moments must have been brilliant. fantastic tale btw
  8. Don't forget Frank that you worked in the amusement industry in its golden age(late 70s and through 80s) along with the Arcades there was the computer and video game market flourishing at the same time and watching the tech grow over those years always a fascination of mine. Most on here would have been playing the machines you(and others) created back in the day(pubs,clubs,arcades) and when we all started reliving our youth 15-20 years ago by collecting and resorting machines and joining forums like this along with other like minded people we all learned off each other. To have an ex employee of JPM to come on here and share all those stories about how it all came together is for me as interesting(if not more)than the working of the machines themselves. Keep posting those memory's Frank they are a compulsive read. I think i speak for everyone on this forum.
  9. was thinking the same or at least a version of it (GUAB hardware has no connectors or ports for memory cards).
  10. The 2 plugs on the reel mech look very similar to those found on MPU3 machines.
  11. That’s a question i was going to ask about the development side(well several)😀 who where the people in the graphics team? who where the people in the electronics(PCB)development team? who where the people in the software team? who where the people responsible for cab design? who where the people responsible for game design? Sorry for the barrage of questions frank but it’s nice to have a few names that put together more than half my fruit machine collection. i am referring to the 1978-1986 era(from the SRU,System 80,MPS and that ‘Give Us A Break’quiz machine video board)
  12. Thanks for the compliment frank but I am just one of many on here with a decent knowledge of various machines(it’s just that JPM was my favourite brand so to speak). when you get the the project management of the SWP you will have myself and dave’s(cannonman)full attention. just a note I left high school in 1982(time has flown for all of us)😀
  13. Good stuff frank. They seemed way ahead of their time. While talking Mars Mechs it sounds like you are entering my personal favorite era of the JPM machines(the Fruit Snappa,Frog It and Road Runner era)1983 - 1986. You will know different Frank but i believe Fruit Snappa was the first JPM machine to use the MS100(20p,50p and £1)mech and i remember going in a local pub in 1983 and they had just installed a FS had the new multi coin mech with the orange reject button. Personally for me the machines below had the best cabinet of any other JPM machine before or after.
  14. You probably already know this frank but one the old team retired last year(he’s in that JPM T-shirt picture) https://www.coinslot.co.uk/2020/10/30/robert-higgins-retirement/
  15. Sadly looking at that picture on the other thread of you all in those JPM T-shirts it doesn’t look like there aren’t many left of the old team.
  16. JPM would have been no different to most companies that is sold by the original founding members.The new owners want a quick return on the investment along with bringing their own people in which more than not upsets the apple cart(staff get pissed off and leave or are pushed out the door). As said before I have seen this a few times and usually more than 50% of staff are gone within 2 years.
  17. There was an article posted on here(by ron)a while back about that new parts department opening at JPM and iirc it mentioned Bob Old. Edit its on page 3 of this thread
  18. Nice one Talisker 10-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky Spirit type - Waitrose Cellar
  19. A good insight on Charles Weekes role in JPM. With the picture you posted a while back of the R&D team I had the image of a grand old gentleman with the aroma of pipe tobacco or cigars and likes a drop of the old scotch after work on a Friday.😀 it looks like his knowledge and experience over the years brought a great deal to the table for JPM. sounds like he was a great mentor.
  20. Just an update on this machine I am in the process of coding new question disks for this(I have been working on it for months) breaking down the encrypted questions and file structures and compiling new questions. An update soon.
  21. missed a couple out there mate EM>SRU>System 80>MPS1>MPS2
  22. is it the £1 on a length of strimmer wire.
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