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  1. You could never bank nudges on either versions of Andy Capp, I’m pretty certain of that. Sometimes features were planned but never made it into the game for whatever reason. Often even removed or dropped after glass art was printed. If you have proof of this banking nudges on Andy Capp Id love to see it. J
  2. The only way to keep a better game on 10p would be to half all original 20p prizes, so maybe £3 jackpot, you would also need to change the entire pay table and feature board. A massive undertaking but possible. J
  3. I’m sure we 10p play versions for BWB Andy Capp. The gameplay mechanics didn’t change, the main difference is that the price of play was halved to 10p, that’s going to slow the machine down as a result. IF you need some original BWB Andy Capp roms for 10p let me know. Will need to know what your original BWB rom version you were running so you don’t get a CHR error. J
  4. CHR in mfme are automatically worked out now. It’s just a case of switching to BWB or Barcrest CHR options till it works. J
  5. You could just play the reels as you can work out roughly were they should land and you could get the machine happy enough to keep offering 4 nudges and just takes the lines when you can. These programmes had a percentage watchdog, so if the machine went too far under it would trigger a set of forced wins to level out the percentage. To combat this forced streak you had to take a win now and again to stop the machine getting too far behind. Say every £5 take a few quid. It would also depend the set percentage. You could click it if it started dropping in wins but this would potentially make the machine even happier as clicking these before the win even starts to count up in the bank would pay the full win on reset and that win wouldn’t be accounted for. J
  6. Usually from the gamble or double bar exchange for quick nudge. J
  7. Which lines Zippy? they aren’t all free lines. None of the extra nudge lines or unlimited nudges are free, if you gain a win on those lines the machine recognises those as normal wins and will affect the machine percentage. Pretty sure I tested this on the 02 software. J
  8. Not on the £6 token revision. We’d need a 02 £4.80 version for that trick to work. Like Zippy pointed out, you could still plug these up to 04 on all jackpot versions. We do have Open the Box 02 that the band aid trick works. J
  9. The title states ‘feature board’ though J
  10. All depends what you class as a feature board. I’d argue that the first true feature board was Maygay’s Monopoly. J
  11. Free win on Spot the Ball feature bud J
  12. It's been DX by Pook, if it's the one I thinking of. J
  13. It’s not as easy as just burning the £6 software as these have a CHR chip that protects the game software from copying and they aren’t usually interchangeable with different software versions unfortunately. You do require the following: Eprom burner and software Eprom eraser (in case you need to eraser the Eprom) 1 x EPROM for the game software (27C512) J
  14. Likely a tweaking to the Skill Cash feature. J
  15. Hoping to get this finished very soon and release it. I’ve just been busy with work etc, the usual J
  16. No worries, shame it’s not working, nice to put a pic to the machine now. Thank you. I might pass them on to a guy I know can potentially knock a DX out for mfme a lot faster than me if that’s ok with you? J
  17. The roms run perfectly in mfme by the way Lee. So obviously an issue with your setup somewhere. Do you get anything coming up? Anything on the dot alpha display etc? If you could grab me some hi res pics mate, I'll see what I can do with a layout so you can have a blast J
  18. I can check those roms for you in mfme. I you could grab some hi res images I will put together a DX, a quick and dirty one. Would need pics of reel symbols too. Actually maybe a dump of the sound roms as well. Do you have access to the EPROMs, can you dump of burn them? I can dump and burn them. I will check these roms and get back to you J
  19. Try the rom in mfme. There is no layout for it to play, it’s only the rom image that was uploaded. You can build a layout for this in mfme if you wanted to play the game. J
  20. I’ll check for a lower rom revision. The machine looks tidy j
  21. Do you have access to any rom files for this game at all? I’m guessing this isn’t a UK based game. I’ll take a look for them it with it being non uk the chances of having them are slim. J
  22. Also what eprom revision paid via coin tubes? We might have the roms available. J
  23. Some better info on what exactly you want doing eprom wise would be ideal. What game, what stake/jackpot! J
  24. If you mean mfme, then no it won’t work on a Chromebook as far as I’m aware. J
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