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  1. There is nothing more satisfying that creating something yourself, no matter what that is. J
  2. How many did you have to get built and was it cost effective? J
  3. This is excellent work!! I’ve only seem a few stealth boards but imagine others have them. Will you be offering these boards for sale or is this just a closed personal project? Great work again! J
  4. That’s debatable, but I thought so. So many gems from early to late 90’s. J
  5. I had 3 at one point and it still got boring. That said they were pretty much all the same. Reno Reels, Monte Carlo and a Miami Dice J
  6. Trouble is you can’t really just own one machine, you will get bored of it very quickly. J
  7. No that’s not the correct linage, this button just has the word ‘cancel’ on it. J
  8. Sounds like a PSU issue. We had one in a local arcade which started to randomly reset on the feature board. Pretty sure it was due to the power supply. J
  9. Brilliant, thank you. Loved these 2p machines from this era. J
  10. I’d imagine the roms are switchable, maybe 10p and 20p. J
  11. It’s not that one but that one is a little freaky!! Thanks J
  12. I haven’t seen the roms. Looking at the mainboard the machine was named Punch and Judy. I love these old, almost scary amusements. I remember in a local arcade had this hideous rather large attraction. It was a laughing clown on a rocking chair and pretty sure he had custard pies in his hands, always freaked me out. I always imagine being left in the arcade at night with this thing!!! Stuff of nightmares for sure J
  13. Ah I just the Universal Leisure bit. But maybe has something to do with PCL? J
  14. Looking at the chip on the mainboard, PCL, isn’t this a Project Coin Limited machine, possibly late 80’s. It’s a long shot but it might be worth contacting them, it’s part of their heritage they may be interested and might/should have a backup eprom file. J
  15. They aren’t designed to be read back, they used to be decapped. But I’m fairly certain they can’t just be read on an eprom reader like a normal eprom. J
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