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  1. If you mean mfme, then no it won’t work on a Chromebook as far as I’m aware. J
  2. The 2p play was great from a players perspective and when ready this machine often did £7.20 on the £2.40 repeat. Not sure, memory is a little hazy but as soon as it held or often a feature hold it was ready on the 2p version. I loved all these on the low stake J
  3. Thanks Cloe I believe the £3 version was the Pot of Gold glass. Was there a 2p glass as well? J
  4. The BWB rebuild, rare nowadays, used to have one in my local arcade only a few years back. Thanks for these, would be nice to get some better front on image resources of this machine. J
  5. It hasn’t been released yet. I’m still doing finishing touches to it when I get chance. I’m hoping to release at least by year end, just not been that active on it. I did release an enhanced classic version last year, that is available over at Desert Island Fruits. J
  6. Let me know if you need a rom sorting out J
  7. Yes mate, I can hack the rom so that the dongle check is disabled. J
  8. Those dongle roms can be hacked so the dongle is not actually required. I don’t hacking a set, these are generally the low stake versions, you don’t require dongle on any high stake Maygays, from what I’ve seen anyway. J
  9. Try the roms in the Crazy Coyote layout would be your best bet. J
  10. Best way would be to get the eprom dumped and see how it pays out in mfme. Not been following this thread lately but were your roms ever dumped? J
  11. I’m trying to understand the point of this zippy? It it so you can play two machines in the virtual arcade at the same time? J
  12. The 128k roms aren’t doable yet. I think John has limited time to look into this project. Wait and see if he gets time I guess. J
  13. Be great to have an online up to date set but I guess it’s legal thing, copyrighted roms and all that J
  14. I reckon they should work John, the protection was set to Barcrest and it got rid of the chr alarm so hopefully. J
  15. Yeah I have a fairly up to date set mate. I can either send you a one drive link or stick on usb when I see you J
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