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  1. I’m trying to understand the point of this zippy? It it so you can play two machines in the virtual arcade at the same time? J
  2. The 128k roms aren’t doable yet. I think John has limited time to look into this project. Wait and see if he gets time I guess. J
  3. Be great to have an online up to date set but I guess it’s legal thing, copyrighted roms and all that J
  4. I reckon they should work John, the protection was set to Barcrest and it got rid of the chr alarm so hopefully. J
  5. Yeah I have a fairly up to date set mate. I can either send you a one drive link or stick on usb when I see you J
  6. Whoever wanted them, these are the BWB 10p £6 jackpot version. They are CHR protected at present. It seems to be a Barcrest CHR protection so maybe John could work his magic. They boot in MFME. It shouldn't matter that they are BWB, but to be fair this is probably the version you have, I believe most if not all rebuilds where carried out by BWB. Hope it helps ;) J vv_10_k_.rar
  7. I imagine we have a 10p £6 version. I won’t be getting involved in any rom hacking any time soon. It would be easier to replace the decal than hack these stake dedicated roms. I will check though as I’m pretty sure there will be a 10p £6 version in the archive, I’ve certainly played many on that setting in the wild, these lower stake rebuilds aren’t usually switchable, so hacking is just a labour of love J
  8. Is it the larger 128k bank switching roms that don’t work with your tool John? Or is it dependent on the year etc? So later machines do it differently. I know I couldn’t patch a couple of later BWB video machines with my cloning technique. Probably early 1997 machine. Forget the name will check tomorrow.. It could have just been an error on my part possibly though J
  9. Wow man. I fumbled with my real life BWB and was able to clone the chr and patch other to work on the Monte Carlo chr chip It was a lot of luck involved for me though. Your method seems the way forward for sure Great work bud, really this will help anyone that has real hardware but not a lot of original game boards J
  10. That’s mental, so even the BWB video ones can be done. Amazing stuff J
  11. It could be a dip switching, I’ve never seen any Blue Moon pay 50p, it should pay 10’s for that win. What version is it, software revision? J Maybe we could get a dump of the rom? J
  12. MDM manufactured MPU4 games don't seem to have any protection whatsoever! J
  13. The bug will be the layout John. When people make the layouts it can be a bit of a guessing game to get those belly glass lamps assigned correctly, especially without a reel lamp guide from the machine manual. Awesome work on this stuff mate J
  14. We already have this rom set I believe and they don't work on the £3 sets, this is the upgrade from £2 version. The empty bug was fixed. J
  15. I’m sure if could be done over and over again. J
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