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  1. Many thanks, Dicky. I swapped the feature reel opto board with a spare from my spares and repairs MPU1 (Match Up). Made no difference to the fault although I can't be certain that the swapped opto is in working order. Then swapped an identical working board from Big Match but still same fault. So I suppose we can rule this out? I also swapped the non feature reel opto board around with ones known to be okay but again this made no difference.Pics attached of both sides of both feature reel opto boards.
  2. Def not the board. I swapped it with my spare.
  3. Thanks, Bob. Any thoughts on anything else I could investigate ?
  4. Thank you so much for replying, Bob. In answer to your question, I think so - please see attached pics.
  5. Hoping for some words of wisdom. Match It has developed a fault with its feature reel. On selecting 'gamble' the feature reel spins but the symbol shown on the feature reel when it (eventally) stops differs to what the machine has determined the result to be, e.g. feature reel stops on '+10p' but the result the machine actually delivers may be '-10p' or 'collect'. It could by coincidence match what appears on the feature reel. The feature reel also spins for far longer than it normally would, i.e. up to 10 sec instead of 2 or 3 sec. I've attached a couple of vids. Let me know if further images of vids would help. P1010879.MOV P1010879.MOV Any thoughts about where to begin? Ta muchly P1010880.MOV
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